Clairvoyance Lessons

Most people reading this article already know how to meditate and seek to understand the nature of "seeing" beyond physical reality called Clairvoyance. Always record what you see record. Like dreams, things seen in higher consciousness, often tend to be forgotten once focus returns to physical reality. Everything you see is a a message from your consciousness, but the trick is to figure out how to interpret the message as it applies in the context given on a specific day.



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Lesson 1 - Opening the Third Eye - Seeing COLORS

Colors are very important as they are frequencies. Colors have tones and overtones.


Find a quiet place free of distractions. . .

Get comfortable

Close your eyes.

Relax your mind and body.

Focus on your breathing.

Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose.
Retain the breath as long as is comfortable.
Exhale through the mouth slowly and completely

Repeat for two more breaths ... or as is comfortable.

Focus your mind to 'view' a screen just behind your forehead.
Try this several times, for focus.

Your third eye will begin to open.

You are going to look for a color today - any color.

You may initially see 'black' - but be patient.

Keep watching the screen.

A color will manifest. It is often purple or indigo - the color of the third eye chakra.

Once you have experienced the color - stop for now.

Check out the meaning of the color. Try to connect something in your life with that color frequency.

Lesson 2 - Shapes

Today we will begin to look for shapes or images.

Some people feel more relaxed with music playing, other prefer silence to focus.

These images are always present as your consciousness is always busy in more than one reality of thought. Most people don't pay attention to the images because their are not programmed to look at images in higher frequency. Just because you wake up from your dream, does not mean your soul has stopped experiencing at that level of reality. Consciousness is multidimensional and ongoing. It is about learning, slowly in third dimension, but faster and faster as it spirals upward in frequency.

Prepare as you did in Lesson 1.

Focus on the screen in your mind behind your forehead again.

You will soon see a shape or image appear.

Make a mental note of the shape as it may be an archetype that your cellular memory has set in for you at this time, one without physical meaning.

Some shapes may remain stationery, while others become animated and holographic. Observe as if watching a filmstrip, for in truth reality is nothing more than projected illusion - a consciousness hologram - in which souls experience virtually.

If you see nothing, practice with meditation, or the like. It will help you tune into to the images. It's like any other skill, the more your practice, the easier it becomes.

Blockages may come from mental illness, substance abuse, fear, lack of understanding what you see. or wanting an answer that is not shown.

Examine the images, then later record what you have seen. They may mean one thing to you today, and something else in the future.

Lesson 3 - Entities

Prepare as before.

Ask that a guide, deceased loved one, or other spirit, show themselves to you.

This may take a bit of practice.

Once connected ... as to be taken on a journey ... your past, future, destiny shown.

Again, this is after you feel comfortable with messages received.

This of course goes to meditation (receiving and listening) techniques. They are part of the healing realms and could offer good insight into who you are.

Once a message is given, as with all forms of divination, you cannot ask again. You can only ask for clarity.