Band of Holes near Pisco Valley, Peru

June 2010

As our reality program comes to a close, humanity's connection with ancient astronauts, or those who seeded the human race for any number of speculated reason, seems just ahead. Long sought after answers to our origins will soon be given - many people intuitively sensing how close that time is.

For those who quest in South America, Peru has been a hotspot of hidden secrets - from its powerful energies to its ancient mysteries most often linked to the ancient Inca Civilization and Tiwanaku.

Located in the Ring of Fire, where seismic activity is accelerating exponentially - most recently in Chile - and strong volcanic activity is occurring in neighboring Ecuador and Guatemala - the time has come for the ancient secrets of Peru, to be uncovered.

Ecuador "Throat of Fire" Volcano Google News

Guatemala Pacaya Volcano Google News

The "Band of Holes" consists of approximately 6,900 unexplained man-sized holes carved into the barren rock near Pisco Valley, Peru on a plain called Cajamarquilla. It dates back to ancient times and remain a mystery much like neighboring Nazca Lines and Machu Piccu best appreciated from the air and satellite imagery. You might want to locate them with Google Earth.

For researchers like myself, the "Band of Holes" was created by aliens (ancient astronauts) who visited the planet leaving behind coded markers in stone for those in our timeline who would travel by air in a quest to solve humanity's mysteries about creation and purpose. It is 'purpose' that guides our journey today. Like other stone glyphs, petroglyphs, megalithic monuments, and markers scattered across the planet, the "Band of Holes" defies explanation, but stirs the souls of those who feel connected to other-worldly origins.

Humans did not evolve naturally on this planet. They had help, or as I see it, were inserts in the program at various stages of its evolution - for what is reality but the evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time.

Crop Formation August 2001

Arecibo Message
November 16, 1974
Numbers, Codes, and DNA Elements

From above, the "Band of Holes" glistens in the sunlight, as if giving off some sort of code to those who created them - messages in stone viewed from above. Perhaps the code is linked to human DNA and the progression of consciousness through time.

Holes vary between 6-7 feet deep

though some are merely shallow indents as if not completed.

Some sections have holes in rigid and perfect precision, others
run in rows that curve up in arches, while some are staggered lines.

Local residents have no record of who made the holes or what their purpose was, as nothing in their ancient mythologies offers an explanation. Findings by archaeologist and anthropologists are often hidden from the public, much like UFO cover-ups. It all goes to fear ... personal and public reaction, though one can sense that in this timeline the truth can no longer be hidden as there is too much evidence surfacing that uproots theories held in place by the scientific community for centuries. Secrets and conspiracies held by church, governments, and the scientific community are about to be revealed. They are part of the reason you are here.

The collective unconsciousness of our program is springing forth into oceans of new learning.

Destruction of old paradigms - that which were once considered sacred on our journey here,
now give rise to something far more spectacular as we evolve beyond this Plane of Existence.