Anna's Journey to Israel - The Temple Mount

Sunday evening, September 23, 2007, the autumnal equinox

I received a call from my friend Anna, who I've written about in past blogs. Anna also lives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. She is another friend who divides her time between corporate America and spiritual work. Anna figured out about the nature of reality bring a hologram, before we met in 1995. These days I have a hard time being close to anyone who still lives in their issues and not higher consciousness.

In recent years Anna has been part of the Kabbalah Center in Manhattan working with children and feeling a strong connection to the teachings presented. There is something about the alphabet and keys of light that empower and connect. We all have our personal journeys to truth.

Kabbalah Center Wikipedia

Over the Jewish High Holy holidays this year - Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur - Anna went to visit many of the sacred sites in Israel with a group of 3,000 people from around the world who study Kabbalah. No sooner did she arrive home on Sunday, when she felt guided to call and share the most memorable part of her trip. Anna is into energy work and has always been guided to that end. She is well traveled.

Anna wanted to share that there is something so powerful about the energies under the Temple Mount, she concluded that if there is a force within the physical planet, the place it all began that keeps the 'engine' running, that would be the location. My thoughts went to the Crusades, the Knights Templar and related ... the Keepers and Protectors of the Secrets of the Bloodline.

Anna calls our reality "Program Israel." I, too, believe the initial insert of the Masonic Program, came out of that area, the Middle East ... sweeping across the planetary game board to the US, with emphasis on the American Old West Grid - Timeline: late 1800's, which many name as the onset of the Age of Aquarius (Return to Higher Consciousness). Always I see the back of a covered wagon - the spoked wagon wheel effect - slowly moving west into the setting sun. The shape morphs into an Omega Symbol which takes us to Leo and the final chapter of the story of the Lion King - Age of Leo - Precession of the Equinoxes etc. The shape of a covered wagon itself, goes to the fabric of time and the slinky effect, now compressing. This all goes to Reptilian Alien Symbology, a DNA biogenetic experiment created in a lab - the Sumerian Grid etc. The horse, of course, goes to the horse nebula, creation, and related symbology, unicorns, etc.

Anna and I made several trips to upstate New York in the 1990's. The Catskill Mountains connect to my journey here. This area also links to alien gray abductions experiences, the most well documented, Whitley Strieber's Communion. It is all connected, the patterns unfolding each year.

On December 26, 1985, Strieber reportedly had an experience in which he thought he was abducted from his cabin in upstate New York by non-human beings of some kind. He wrote about these experiences in his first non-fiction book, Communion (1987). Communion is generally interpreted as a claim of alien abduction, but Strieber says that he draws no firm conclusions about the nature or source of his experience. He refers to the beings as "the visitors," a name chosen to be as neutral as possible, and leaves open the possibility that they are not extraterrestrials and even that they exist only in his mind.

He has repeatedly expressed his frustration with what he feels are fantastic claims incorrectly attributed to him. Communion was a Number 1 New York Times bestseller in the Non-Fiction category. Strieber went on to write three more autobiographical books about his experiences with the visitors, Transformation (1988), Breakthrough (1995), and The Secret School (1996). Other visitor-themed books of Strieber's include Majestic (1989), a novel about the Roswell UFO incident; The Communion Letters (1997, reissued in 2003), a collection of letters from readers reporting experiences similar to Strieber's. Confirmation (1998), despite its misleading title, does not propose that there has been 'confirmation' of UFOs or abductions, but rather analyzes the evidence that was available at that time and discusses what more would be required to provide 'confirmation'. A 2006 novel, The Grays, presented his impressions of alien contact through a fictional narrative. Strieber wrote the screenplay for the 1989 movie Communion, directed by Philippe Mora and starring Christopher Walken as Whitley Strieber.

Book Signing - Ellie with Whitley Streiber - September 20, 2007