Monday June 29, 1998

On a bright sunny day in New York, I traveled upstate to the Catskill Mountains with two friends from Brooklyn, Anna and Alexander (Alex). Anna works in Corporate America and Alex is an electrical engineer, both in their 40's.

Alex has interests in aliens and UFO activity, another soul trying to prove his theories among countless others who have been taken and as a result have a need to help others and stay connected to the other side.

There we were in the same time and space of Sarah's journey in my book 2012 Sarah and Alexander - the American stage for the Masonic Program. The majority of the story takes place in this window culminating on July 4, 2012 - which is in line with 2012 prophecies, though 6 months earlier.

On this day, Z guided us as always. Alex has a guide he calls Magic 8, who Alex believes in an alien light being. What was cool about Alex is that he and Magic 8 share ongoing dialogues, just as Z and I do.

Along the way ...

We stopped for lunch at a large restaurant called the Duck Cedar Inn on Route 17 in Tuxedo, NY. The energies were so high, Alex inquired about setting up a UFO conference there in the future. The manager showed us a large room with huge windows that faced out to lush grounds, mountains and a gazebo. Suddenly a bright flash of white light shot through the gazebo. Startled, the owner turned to us and asked, "Did you see that?" We went out back to investigate. The manager looked puzzled but said nothing. Each of us found the light to be some sort of confirmation of the reason we were there. Strange anomalies are not uncommon during these excursions.

Off we went on the next step of our adventures. This time I was pulled to an antique store where I found an old photo album with pictures dating from the American Revolution. It represented someone's family tree or bloodline. The message for me was -- bloodlines, DNA, Sarah and Alexander -- Ellie and a man named Alexander on this day.

Driving higher into the mountains, we drove over a real, though metaphoric bridge ... paved roads turning into narrow winding dirt roads as we drove higher and higher reminiscent of the journey of consciousness in spiraling sacred geometry ... as we watched for the signposts along the way.

The higher we drove, the more we became plugged into higher consciousness and the reason we are here, our psychic abilities increasing with each turn in the road. Suddenly both Alex and I heard, "Stop now!"

We stopped to photograph a balanced rock, as there

appeared to be the image of the All Seeing Eye
carved into a stone with a pyramid above.

The image said to me ...

The Eye has not as yet moved to the Capstone (Consciousness) of the Pyramid.

In "2012 Sarah and Alexander", six year old Sarah and her Grandmother Rose, cross over a footbridge from the estate side of their property, Twin Crossing, to the enchanted woods. They stop by the edge of the stream. Sarah and Rose plant a shimmering crystalline blue-white seed, that had been in a magic music box for all time. The seed would one day bloom with 36 white flowers marking the end of one cycle of time and the beginning of another. The new tree blooms at the end of the story in 2012.

As we drove higher into the mountains, I suddenly shouted to Anna, ''Stop the car!" The car came to a stretching halt as I opened my door in wild anticipation! I went running from the car as there before me stood one of the most important confirmations of my life's work.

There before me stood Sarah's Tree of Life

One with 36 white flowers in full bloom.

This was the only flowering tree anywhere in the area.

The tree was shaped like a snake (DNA)

Eve and the Tree of Life

Ellie, the Tree and the Pyramid
December 2000

Anna at the Tree

Alexander at the Tree

We counted the 36 white flowers, then counted
them several more times to verify our findings.
In my heart I knew this was set up for me to find on this date
linked to the July 4th Masonic Program and related symbolism.

Photo Scrying

Near the Tree was another symbolic Eye near the entrance to a cave (mind), 'Z' alongside.

Alex, an electrical engineer, reported strange electromagnetic energies inside the cave,

So he went inside to investigate.

Near the opening of the cave, this images creates the effect of a white cross on the left

and a 'golden statue' to the right

reminding me of Z as Ptah using
harmonic rods to create and heal.

Email from my friend Deja:

There is a cross with the shimmering light above the flowered bush. Just to the right of that is another 'Eye of God' near a white tree that is actually a cross. What really stands out is the dimensional quality this has. It actually looks like the foreground is a 'contained' area while the Watchers are in the background, monitoring from behind the scenes, as you go about your actions. This is filled with movement, blessing, and grace.

This was a day of magic for 3 friends, allowing me to know that everything I have been told by Z since my near death experience at age 5, to my 1954 experience on a UFO at age 11, will come to pass.

Confirmation has been given again ... a bloodline of which I am a part that moved from the Middle East, sweeping across the global game board, forming the foundation of a new nation on this continent based on an ancient blueprint. The journey continues on to 2012 ... a metaphor for the reunion of souls.

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