Alien Themes 2016

Saturday I had a lucid wake up dream ... Sigourney Weaver was looking at me. My mind quickly realized it was a dream and I sent the message ... "You are not Sigourney Weaver. You're a screen image for an Alien." Returned message .. "You are part of an alien coalition. Remember." I acknowledged ... the feeling linked to my UFO encounter at age 11 ... Activation and Reunion. I woke up. f ships arrear - they come through a wormhole.

Markers ... Trump's win and exposing the truth about alien connections, increasing global chaos, Flying "Saucers" and Shifting Tectonic "Plates" ... activity increasing. Pacific Plate Earthquakes November 14-24: New Zealand, Argentina, Japan, Central America ... We are close...

JFK Coverups

Saturday many celebrated the death of dictator Fidel Castro who ruled for 49 years. I remember when he came into power, his alleged connection to the assassination of JFK .. the latter allegedly about to bring the truth about UFO coverups. Tuesday 11/22/16 was the the 53rd anniversary of the JFK assassination. That was long ago and yet some mysteries remain unresolved ... There is a global revolution happening - political, economic, religious, social, environmental - Some you see - others remain camouflaged.

War in Space: The Next Battlefield

Humans are programmed for conflict ... from land to sea and now to space...

  US military prepares for the next frontier: Space war   CNN - Tuesday November 29, 2016

Why is the US preparing for a war in space? Are these cover stories? Does any of this have to do with the fact that certain factions are scared president-elect Donald Trump will find out the truth about UFOs and expose it? If aliens are coming at all - it's through a wormhole and not to attack us ... strange that I wrote that. It certainly pushes us closer to the end/edge.

Pseudoscience: Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens - Season 8 Episode 10 - The... by Ancient-Aliens

Fade to Black

Sunday November 27 - 11/9 or 9/11 ... Anna and I were out shopping and wound up going from Home Depot in Coney Island where I lived until age 11, to Nathan's restaurant. We took this video for fun but stopped when a woman passing by told us to. We planned to delete the video and start again discussing Christmas and Chanukah when I was a child growing up in Coney Island until age 11. We found a table and Anna opened the case to my phone only to discover the screen was black. The battery was charged and the settings button untouched. Off we went back to my car where Anna held the phone in the dark under the dash ... found the Settings Button and adjusted the Brightness. We asked Z what that was about and he laughingly said ... "Fade to Black". Coney Island adventures take me to my UFO experience in 1954 at age 11 till reaity "Fades to Black". Sometimes you have to see the humor in things to get the message. As to the original video, I edit the woman out.

Sunday I blogged about the Bergamasco Shepherd When I was a little girl in Coney Island I had a pink wool dog that looked like a smaller version of the Bergamasco Shepherd. After today's adventures, I came home, saw the morning post below, and remembered the dog. I know it's all silly but the pieces of the puzzle are taking me full circle for a reason. This along with other global events signal to my souls that disclosure/closure are not far away.