Sunday March 25, 2012

My wake-up dream featured this Egyptian headdress, whose name alluded me at the time. Later I found it as I am currently updating the Ancient Egyptian Dynasties. The Pschent represents the Pharaoh's power over all of unified Egypt (the merge of Above and Below). The invention of the Pschent is generally attributed to the First Dynasty Pharaoh Menes, but Djet who soon followed him, is the first Pharaoh to wear the Pschent Crown.

While searching google images for "Pschent Djet", I had an "Aha (also Dynasty 1) Moment"
when my book 2012 Sarah and Alexander showed up in the first few images.

Neither the Pschent nor Djet are mentioned in the book.

I also rediscovered a website posted by a woman named Audrey, in 1999. There was a connection with her theories back then but I never posted a link and forgot about it until it found me on Monday. It all began with aliens and biogenetic experiments on planet Earth (the Science Project/Projection). Audrey mentions the Narmer Plate and the Pschen. On page 10 she mentions July 3 and 4.

White Crown

Red Crown

I've always been drawn to the white crown worn by Osiris and found a file I wrote 10 years ago - Conical Hats. It all comes down to reality as a consciousness hologram or experiment that is about to end.

. .. ... ..... The Middle East ........

where Above meets Below at Zero Point

as we play all of our games based on myths

in the coded Hourglass (Our Class) of Time.

April 1-8, 2012 ...

Egypt long ago ... Two Hebrew men changed the face of reality based on the spiritual component of the human equation. What were their agendas? Jesus carried a staff. Moses carried a staff that was allegedly magical ... The Exodus ... (more ET magic) ... which goes to Ramesses I and Ramesses II ... Pharaohs of the 19th Dynasty.

Passover and Easter are celebrated at this time. What do they mean in today's world? Thousands of years later souls remain enslaved in the illusion with more evolved humans programmed to understand. The Two who came/come here are the teachers and scientists whose work is the foundation for the next experience you sense. The signs are everywhere. Look upon everything you have done up until this point as your past - that which is behind you as you sit there reading this. In front of you are twin doors that open from the middle ... one to the left, the other to the right. It's all on the other side.

According to Ancient Alien Theory ... Nefertiti and Akhenaten of the 18th Dynasty were not of this world. Three thousand years ago, the rebel Pharaoh Akhenaten preached monotheism and enraged the Nile Valley. Less than 100 years after Akhenaten's death, Moses would be preaching monotheism on the bank of the Nile River, to the Israelis. The idea of a single God, once the radical belief of an isolated heretic, is now embraced by Moslems, Christians, and Jews throughout the world. The vision of Akhenaten lives on. Was that really the sun they were praying to or something else?

Elongated Skull


Ancient Egyptian Dynasties

Thuthmose III

Blue Extraterrestrials from Sirius the Blue Bloods

Seti I's Temple at Abydos

Ceiling Beams Ancient Aircraft

April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday

April Fool's Day

Another day added to his folly.

We meet the Fool at Zero Point

The Fool is the
Trickster, the Court Jester, the Clown
Replete with Symbology

April 2, 1968

Marion Apparitions in El-Zeitoun, Egypt

  Marion Apparitions in El-Zeitoun, Egypt Google Videos

First sighting of Our Lady of Zeitoun, also known as El-Zeitoun, a mass
Marian apparition that occurred in Cairo, Egypt, over a period of 2-3 years.

Marion apparitions are projected illusion in the hologram usually created by aliens.

Fringe Benefits

Friday night on "Fringe" - Nothing As It Seems - myths and metaphors were incorporated into the storyline having to do with the Ouroboros on 2012, the return of Quetzalcoatl (not mentioned by name), and a tattoo with Sumerian Symbols linked to Genetic Engineering. It was almost as if the information was being seeded for those watching - without verifying or denying anything. The messages were subtle to be interpreted by the viewer. Very cool. It's all going somewhere and as no one is quite sure of a final outcome - it's all out there - in consciousness, media, the internet, wherever.


Ancient Alien Theory

Consciousness Hologram