The Sum of All Healing

November 11, 2004

Humanity is in healing mode as wounded souls try to understand and remove their fears and pain. Every year another group of sleeping souls awakens and begins their journey into awareness, their DNA activated as if a time capsule.

First there is acceptance that there is a problem. Second get evaluated for emotional problems and learning disabilities. Third find a healer. There are many healing modalities to chose from. Fourth find inner peace and balance which is followed by the mission feeling or a need to heal and help others heal. Fifth is discovering the nature of reality ... why we are here and where it is all going.

The clearer you are, the faster you create synchronicities and can manifest.

When the person is ready, the healer will appear. No one heals without solving emotional issues related to physical pain.

Reality is about patterns and changes within. It is not easy.

Most souls are victims of their DNA programming, others of environment and conditioning.

Many people prefer to live in their issues as they are safe and familiar and take on the role of victim.

If a person is emotionally balanced, their life will follow suit. If they are dysfunctional, they attract drama and negative emotions to experience. This is not a new concept, but one that dates to the beginning of the human design. The difference now is that we recognize the pain and donŐt want to live that way.

I always recommend professional help as a guideline for people with mental problems. It is important to get evaluated to understand who you are what your limitations are emotionally and mentally. It always amazes me that people go through life self medicating with drugs, alcoholic, or food and donŐt realize they have emotional problems and/or learning challenges.

We are experiencing in a bi-polar (electromagnetic) reality, the duality of which is fear vs. love. Everything seeks balance. That is the program. The equation is the sacred geometry of our design and how we awaken within É the experience and ourselves.

At zero point in our experience, you will leave your physical body either in fear or in loving embrace of the return to consciousness.

DonŐt blame your misfortunes on past lives or 'contracts' as many metaphysical people call these events. Avoid metaphysical expressions and stick to basics. There are no contracts nor karma that has created your programming. It all goes to your emotional make-up aka DNA programmed code. That's it! Wake-up! Focus here .. your Point of Origin in this reality.

This reality will never make sense. The current breakdown of the political, religious, ecological and economic systems mirror the imbalances.

Relationships and Friendships:

Both partners have to want it.

Either it work or it doesn't.

The same is true of all things in your life.

As consciousness expands we are becoming aware of emotional and learning challenges and addressing them as we no longer wish to live in abusive, boring, dead-end relationships that are meaningless or outgrown.

If you are not capable of handling a relationship, are an abuser with addictive patterns, one who sabotages ... don't go there.

Avoid partners who dwell in issues. Those relationships are doomed from the start no matter how romantic at the beginning. Challenged people cannot hold the frequency that existed when the relationship began. Life gets in the way.

The place of an illness or breakdown in the physical body, reflects the blocked area. i.e. chest/breast problems are caused by lack of romantic love, which is the reason so many women get breast cancer, married or single, the love is not there. Men develop high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Most of what you need to heal is just good old common sense.