Ellie and Rick in the Sandbox

Monday February 28, 2011

It's been a while since my friend Rick in Texas, and I had an adventure in the sandbox (time) together. Talk about fun and laughs and shared grid time ... something always happens that is unexpected ... so why should this day be different.

It all began as a fun conversation between friends. In his 20's, Rick (now 50's) worked in Wisconsin and had many psychic friends - the kind who like to time travel, at least consciously. Among the end time scenarios they saw was 2011 Wisconsin protests which would be a marker that end times were here ... the domino effect ... global catastrophic natural disasters would follow and accelerate along with ... well you know the rest. This included seeing the fall of Gaddafi as his body is being dragged through the streets by a car.

Next it was time for Rick and I to get psychic messages for the day. The following is what transpired ...

I saw a statue of the head of a stone god, the eyes having no pupils. [no more students/pupils, school is over - gods at this level of consciousness dead]

There was Lucille Ball (circa 1950's) ... I Love Lucy ... music "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds". Lucy means Light.

Then something really cool happened. It's been several years since the music box on the other side has physically manifested harmonics for me ... in my living room under the skylight portal. As I sat on the sofa, out of nowhere the tones began and Rick could hear them as well.

The time was 1:44pm Eastern Time on my digital clock.

Then I remembered the tones - end time harmonics coming through.

Back to Rick and Ellie

As we listened, I walked to the window to see if anything outside could possibly be producing the tones. Nope! It was cold out and all the windows were closed.

All one could hear was the music box speaking to us. It lasted about 15 seconds, which is far shorter than in the past, but message received.

144 is a Fibonacci Number (of course it is). It's also 12 x 12 which is my 12 around 1 taken to its highest harmonic in this reality grid before it bleeps out of existence.

There are other esoteric associations for 144 that may work for you.

Let's go to 144,000 (big laugh when I found this on Wiki.)

Back to Rick and Ellie

I saw a bathtub filled with a small amount of water. There was an old fashioned white rubber stopper on a chain. Someone pulled the plug. The water spiraled down the drain like consciousness moving from one reality to another ... or the movement through a wormhole ... you know the metaphors. (Chains=DNA)

This image appeared next. I found it in my folder when I posted it.

And so Rick and Ellie had another sandbox adventure, as we like to call them - but the music box was the best. Whatever your closure triggers are, you will received them now.

144 and then some (sum) ...

Sunday night, March 6

Someone out there woke me up. As a sound sleeper, I was resistant to come back here, but he (?) literally tugged at my right foot until I did. Ouch!

"Okay I'm up!" I said telepathically. Taking my note pad, I was guided to write the following which makes sense somewhere:

Curiouser and curiouser .....

March 20, 2011

Ellie and Rick - Water Appears Out of Nowhere

Page 144

Just for fun :: Open a book. Go to page 144. What does it say?

Email from Readers ...

Hi Ellie, Thought I would share that the closest book to me is "The Screenwriting Bible" for screenplay writers. Page 144 reads:

Thought you would find that interesting. It's a wrap :-)
Kari in Nova Scotia

Hi Ellie, I am a big fan of Philip K. Dick and am currently re-reading Ubik - one of four works in the volume Four Novels of the 1960ıs. For fun, I went to page 144 which landed in the book, The Man in the High Castle, Dick's award-winning alternate history which explores a world where the Nazis and Japanese won World War II. (Like you, Ellie, I can never get away from the Nazi grid - ha ha). On page 144, there is this exchange between two of the characters,

BINGO!! Coincidently, The Adjustment Bureau opens this weekend which is loosely based on Dickıs short story, The Adjustment Team. Fully loaded with basic Dick concepts of alternate universes, watchers, matrix, grids, etc. Also, one of his daughters, Isa Dick Hackett, is one of the producers on the film. In my opinion, no filmmaker has really gotten Dick right on film. But, Inception does come closer than any I've ever seen - the concept of shared dreaming was Dickıs inception back in the early 60ıs and written about in his great work, The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch. Like Tesla, I donıt think Philip K. Dick was from this place. Thanks for all your insights!! -- Pat in Austin, Texas

The Adjustment Bureau Website Video

I watched the spoilers - looks like my kind of movie.

Dear Ellie, After reading your suggestion to look up page 144, I went to the book at hand, "A Path with Heart" by Jack Cornfield. Page 144 reads: "Dissolving Self - experiencing boundless light and peace, can be sensed as less than liberating, because each state no matter how remarkable, has an end. In entering each state and returning, the question arises, 'To whom is this dance happening?' Then it is as if we turn away from a projection screen showing our changing experiences (... all sorts of dramas, from heavens to hells) and begin to realize that these experiences are like a movie, the source of the whole drama before us ....... this recognition marks a fork in the road. Many thanks. -- Donna Marie in Guadalest Alicante, Spain

We are projected illusion --- thought and consciousness watching a circular moving screen that flashes by as we pick the matrixes of our experiences - sort of a movie multiplex. When the film ends, all that is left is the memory which you can take away with you or forget entirely.

Hi Ellie, I decided to have a bit of fun and grabbed the book closest to me: "The Delicate Balance Coming Catastrophic Changes on Planet Earth" by John Zajac. I had just borrowed the book from my sister and had not opened it. I flicked through the pages to 144, which really blew me away. It was describing the Great Pyramid: "The outer portion of the Pyramid is missing because about 600 years ago the so called casing stones were stolen by the Arabs. Originally there were 144,000 casing stones used to cover the pyramid completely. According to the bible, 144,000 is the number of Jewish virgins, 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes, who are supposed to evangelize the world at the end time. Believe it or not, my sister had highlighted 144,000. WOW! Love your website. -- Lynne in Victoria, Australia

It's all about geometry. -- [I couldn't find a photo of Jewish virgins, but Thoth is the architect who created it all. :) ].

Dear Ellie, I noticed while reading what people had found, that most of them had used a book that's somewhat on topic already; spiritual books, books on catastrophes and the bible. It seemed to me that, well duh those books are going to say something profound! Anyway, just for the heck of it I finally broke down my curiosity and tried a couple of books. The first was "From the Dust Returned" by Ray Bradbury (which by the way had plenty of dust on it). In this book about vampires I went to the 144 page and around the 144 word (I think I lost count somewhere) was the word "gone".

So I'm thinking okay that could be relevant, all that we know, as we know it, is going to be gone. But I still wasn't completely satisfied with that. So I went to an art book I have called "Dragonart Evolution" by J Neon Dragon Peffer who is an awesome artist. Anyway, I was rather doubtful there was even going to be a 144th page in this book. And I was right... there were 143 pages and then the book ends.

When I noticed there was no 144th page a funny thought entered my mind. Straight from the movie Matrix, "There is no spoon". I laughed so hard at that, I love that line especially how it finishes "It's only you that bends". This ended up being more amusing then I thought it would be so thanks for the lead! Keep up the great work you do! -- Kristi in Michigan

Somewhere ... somehow ... hopefully everyone will 'get it' also ... consciousness creates ... ... . ... . ... : ... :. ... ::. ... :::: ...

Hi Ellie, I opened to page 144 of the closest book: "Spiritual Astrology" by Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy. Here's the paragraph containing the 144th word: "In the process of accepting the premise that people and events are perfect the way they are, you can be shown a higher meaning resulting from an all-encompassing view of the universe. As you trust in the intangible perfection, you experience the ecstasy of being in constant communion and harmony with the unseen mechanisms of life." :) -- Rachel in Melbourne, Australia

P.S. I would also like to mention that over the last couple of years we have experienced fires that burnt down towns, hails storms that have destroyed houses and floods that create havoc as well as extreme drought. Other states in our country have also encountered natural disasters such as fire, flood and cyclones. I am not surprised by the more frequent occurrence of these but I notice that others are questioning it. Sometimes I ask them what they would expect to experience if the earth was going through major changes that were eventually going to mean an ending. Do they literally want a message to be written in the sky as though it's some kind of giant whiteboard ... or will they accept the natural occurrences/disasters that are happening all around us right now as 'signs' that things are changing here? Even though as a child I could never understand why I wasn't given the 'gift' of being born in America, I have since understood that Australia plays a very important part in our worldıs future... I feel like we have a unique vibration that is finally learning to express itıs individuality. I LOVE your inspiring work Ellie, Rachel.

Hi Ellie! I enjoy reading your blog and resonate with most of the things you write. I also enjoy your light, joy, and fearless personality. When I read your blog about page 144, I went to a book I am reading: "One Command" ... and Page 144 was empty ... completely blank ... like a page between the chapters. Wow! Are we that close??!! Warmly, -- Stella in Toronto

Yes we are.

Hi Ellie, I reached for the nearest book on the bookshelf without looking at it first and picked: "The Tao Of Physics" by Fritjof Capra. Page 144 says: "As the particle passes a particular point of observation, the vibrations of the wave pattern at that point will start with small amplitudes which will increase and then decrease again until finally the vibration will stop altogether. The time it takes to go through this pattern represents the time during which the particle passes our point of observation. We cannot say that the passage occurs within this time span, but we cannot localize it any further. The duration of the vibration pattern represents there the uncertainty in the temporal location of the event. This means that we can never know both the time at which an event occurs and the energy involved in it with great accuracy. Events occurring inside a short time span involve a large uncertainty in energy; events involving a precise amount of energy can be localized only within a long period of time". -- Greg in San Fran.

Hi Ellie, I was reading your blog this morning and decided to pull a book and go to page 144. I read the page and knew what resonated with me, then went back to count off 144 words and it landed on what felt right to me to share with you. The book is Alchemy of Nine Dimensions by Barbara Hand Clow. She talks about science writer James N. Gardner's "Selfish Biocosm hypothesis" from his book Biocosm: The New Scientific Theory of Evolution: Intelligent Life Is the Architect of the Universe. It suggests the cosmos is selfishly focused on its own self-replication. Barbara Hand Clow further states: "The amazing thing about this to me is that, as we get closer to 2012, the Maya described the date of our emergence in the Milky Way thousands of years ago. Considering the Selfish Biocosm hypothesis, I wonder, are the Maya 'the minds like our own' who designed us? Is that why the Maya knew the date of our emergence? Life on earth will not end: Instead, Earth will expand into the Milky Way." Thanks for your suggestion to play with the energies of 144! Peace, -- Gloria in CT

What the ancients understood was that it all ends because none of it is real.

Ellie, As I read your blog today, as I do every day, I noticed your suggestion to grab a book and check page 144. I picked up the closest one; a "Ryrie Study Bible" I keep on my computer desk. Exodus Chapter 32. I was immediately drawn to the phrase in verse 17, "There is a noise of war in the camp." Then the thought came to mind to count to the 144th word. The word "war" in that very phrase is the 144th word on the 144th page. Of course the setting of Exodus is relevant at this time, as it is the story of Moses and his people's deliverance from Egypt and the birth of the nation of Israel. Just as the people enslaved in that land sought Freedom over 3400 years ago, the current people of that land are again seeking Freedom today, rising up in protest. Rather synchronistic with the visions of the closing of the program which include rebellion and anarchy, possibly WWIII, don't you think? -- Jill in TN

Freedom is the final step, from the physical to the non-physical....

Hi Ellie, I took your advice and opened the book I am currently reading "Let the Great World Spin" by Colum McCann ... to page 144. At the bottom of the page the sentence reads: "He talked about the spirit being triumphant in the body's fall and how we must learn to recognize the absence of the body and praise the presence of what is left behind." I got a pins and needles feeling as I read it which for me is a hit! Thanks for advising me to look for the magic message. It added what I needed on an otherwise dreary day. -- JW in Portland