11 In 2011

We are rapidly approaching zero point ... as if moving at warp speed ... each person's consciousness different. Wait for it.

1,1 is part of the Fibonacci Sequence (Golden Ratio) now moving in reverse to "0" when this reality blips out of existence.

Sacred Geometry Golden Ratio of Creation in the physical reality now ending

11:11 - a DNA Sequence Code of Awakening that people see over and over and over.

As you go through 2011, the number 11 triggers you.
This will come to you automatically.
The things you experience will have a sense of finality
about them as your consciousness moves to zero point.

Binary Code - we exist in a consciousness computer program (hologram).
Reality is a series of zeros and ones.

The feeling of catching up to zero point
where the hourglass runs out of sand metaphorically speaking

and above and below collide, as mentioned in the
Emerald Tablets of Thoth

will come to you in waves.

It's the feeling you get when you wake up from
a dream and your consciousness returns here.
It's the ultimate rush!

Forget metaphysics ... Forget old theories .. Forget questing.

2011 is about instinct and knowing on a soul level. Lucky are those who understand what they are experiencing. Sadly many will not - some frightened - others confused - other still searching and healing while locked (trapped) in the emotional grids.

In the year of 11's - each month will trigger a certain subset of souls. We go from 1/1/11 to 1/11/11 and so on through the year. By 11/11/11 things will really be wild. Let it happen.

Ancient Aliens and Binary Code

On December 30, 2010 History Channel episode of Ancient Aliens, premiered 'Alien Contacts'.

Retired USAF retired TSgt and James Penniston and retired TSgt. John Burroughs described an incident with a triangular UFO on December 26, 1980 in the forest near Bentwaters.

On the History Channel, Penniston described the crafts dimensions as 6.5 feet tall with 9.8 foot sides. He equated the unusual markings and symbols on the craft like Egyptian hieroglyphs. When he touched the craft, he telepathically received a message in the form of binary code, which he wrote down in a small note book shortly after the incident, telling no one about it for three decades.

In October 2010 the 6 small pages of Binary Code were translated by Internet programmer Nick Ciske then presented on December 30, 2010 History Channel broadcast. Below is the message followed by navigational co-ordinates that pinpoint Hy-Brazil. It is said to be the home of an advanced ancient civilization. Hy-Brazil is occasionally referred to as "The Other Atlantis".

According to David Wilcock, the people of Hy-Brasil used sound and vibrational technology reminiscent of legends from Atlantis.

Exploration of Humanity Continuous For Planetary Advance

52° 09' 42.532" N

13° 13' 12.69" W

The number 11 represents columns or Twin Towers.

The Tree, the Light, The Goddess and the Crumbling Towers

The Return

Electromagnetic Energies

Echoes of ancient and lost civilizations and astronauts

The Halls of Amenti
comes from the
Emerald Tablets of Thoth