Ellie's Journeys to Upstate New York, Megalithic Adventures

The Quest For Answers

Each of us is guided to different areas of the planet in our quest to find the grail of our personal experience as all is about the genetic encodings of the sacred bloodline. I have been lucky enough to have traveled to many sacred sites, each bringing another piece of the puzzle as I search for validation of information given to me at age 11 in 1954.

The 13 year journey to complete my book, 2012, Sarah and Alexander, The Alchemy of Time, began in 1989. Though seemingly a story of a bloodline and a seed imbued with magical codes, much of the story has come alive for me over the years. A key-note setting for the book is the Catskill Mountain region of upstate New York. As a child my family spend summers in the Catskills. As an adult my husband worked in the world-famous hotels in the catskill mountains, often traveling there with me and our three daughters.

I have heard magical tales about the region, from UFO sightings, to elemental and other nature spirits, portals, Native American tones, and more.

For me, the journeys upstate, from my home in Brooklyn, have always been magical. I have found a common denominator with of these adventures. There will be trips before this is over.

The events that are part of my destiny are always preceded by physical tones, noises, music, whistles, ticking of a clock, all from an unknown source, followed by various synchroncities that set events in motion, and a flash of light, all witnessed by at least one person other than myself.

This was true of my trip to the Great Pyramid which is linked to upstate New york. It is the journey of the bloodline, the Masonic Program, came out of the Middle East ... sweeping across the planetary game board to the US

1969: Ellie at Woodstock, Apollo Lunar Landing, Birth and Death

1994: Ellie's Megalithic Adventures

1995: Megalithic Adventures: Mimi, Joe, Steve, Rene, Magdalena, and Anthony

1997: Marcus (Trae), The Man with the Dog, The Stream, Tree of Life

1998: The Tree, The Book, Z

1998: Anna, Hathor, Creating Balance

1998: Anna & Alexander, 36 White Flower Bloom, Path of the Bloodline

2004: Marcus (Trae), Ron, George, Pat

2007: Your Magic Stone, Woodstock Adventures, Magical Moments with Merlin, Ellie & Dennis

2012 Sarah and Alexander The Alchemy of Time

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