The Lost Tomb of Jesus, Discovery, Zep Tepi, SG1

Monday March 5, 2007

We live in the greatest age of discovery ever presented to humanity. Each level of scientific research can be taken more in depth as we seek to find out who we are and why we are here. It is the quest. That is all that is left, as the final games play out and the inserts surface daily, helping us put the pieces of a giant puzzle together, each person passionately with their part, even if it is only about healing their issues to unravel the truth.

As I watched "The Lost Tomb of Jesus", which aired last night, switching back and forth with "Desperate Housewives" as the DVR played on ... I had to wonder which show was more entertaining. Was Mary Magdalene a desperate housewife? Over in my office, my DVR was busy recording "The Dresden Files", reality by myth, math and magic, which I will watch later ... but tonight we also have '24' and 'Heroes' (another biogenetic experiment, mirroring our reality). Hmmm ... Oh well, it's all prerecorded inserts for my selection at any given time to experience vicariously, though these last 2 programs have lost their appeal - too much violence.

What I most enjoyed about the Discovery presentation is that it brought together people and researchers from all walks of life, excited to be part of this potential missing piece of the master equation, sort of like finding Lucy, the alleged Missing Link, one more insert in Egypt or ... as we move to 2012, the Mesoamerican civilization inserts linked to the Mayan calendar .. end times at code 2012 ... that yield evidence of ancient historical facts buried for all time ... until the end.

Did you love the archetype on the potential Jesus family tomb? We saw a pyramid pointing upward, open at the bottom, with a circle in the center. It took me to Daniel Jackson in the film "Stargate" when he discovers the seventh symbol (the archetype above, meaning 'Earth') and opens the stargate, thus setting him and his team on one of the greatest adventures, and TV series, of all time. Stargate SG-1 To dial in or out of the stargate, one must have the right sequence of symbols - archetypes - which is the address.

Triangles took me to the Freemasons, our Masonic (mother sound) Program and related ...

       Tick Tock!

Synchronicity ... How cool was it when the blind lady in the presentation, appeared at the right moment, out of the blue, and told the archaeologists and film maker where to dig to find the tomb. (visual of god and goddesses statues with no eyes)

So what is the truth and who else needs to realize that it is all an insert, now rapidly unfold? If you read my column, you should be savvy to the inserts and their appearance now to help the human consciousness grid. You've got it ... but others need to 'get it' too. Their DNA programming is taking them in that direction. Let them make their own discoveries and never ever argue.

Think outside the box. Focus not on the details of the unfolding events, but why, how and when they appear and how they impact on consciousness. Remember to follow the patterns like bread crumbs, Draw your own conclusions and do not argue theory. There are too many unanswered questions as is programmed in the grid, just to make you think about what is, and what is not ... important.

As you know, the Jesus and Mary Magdalene (male/female) insert has many theories, from "The Da Vinci Code" to archeological discoveries, to scripture ... all to make you question and think. And so it shall be until the end of time.

Let's go back ... way back ... why did the Akhenaten insert create monotheism placing the idea of creation by one god light into the grid, only to be shot down by those who preferred to worship stone idols and mythological gods? That's the game. It creates scenarios until one can see beyond the illusion.

This is the time for consciousness to evolve out of the box letting go of old theories that cannot and will not work as the program itself evolves into something more. You are becoming something more. Let go of antiquated church dogma, that has controlled human thinking since the program began. If you are here reading this, you understand, and you are not waiting for answers about a savior or returning gods in any form, alien or otherwise, for they are the same essence. Look at the Stargate SG1 team ... their quest was to expose false gods and free the people. The gods controlled with snake like creatures (metaphor: encoded DNA).

In 2007, more than every before, souls are awakening, coming to Crystalinks with questions, or having readings with me, in hopes of focusing on the truth, their truth that now drives them home.

It's like watching everyone wake up from a deep sleep ... (I see a scene from the 'Wizard of Oz' where everyone falls asleep in a field of flowers and then slowly reawaken at the same time).

Just words: OZ - Ours - Hours - Horus - Time is the Illusion - Zero Point - Z.

Speaking of 'Z' ... while updating the 2003, I stumbled upon the Zep Tepi ('First Time') Insert, a good review for those in that part of the creational grid. Z as Zoroaster also preached about one god of light and duality. Thus Spaketh Zarathrustra, 2001

To really get humanity on track, the program is going to have to create some really breathtaking and indisputable inserts, such as the UFO seen over O'Hare airport a few months ago, but with much more validity. These inserts allow souls to unequivocally know ... that which is out there is about to be shown and known. Certainly makes this game more interesting.

As for the real life and times of a man named Jesus, it will remain an enigma, as is written.

Don't get bent out of shape about it.

Bending light goes to physics and sometimes mirrors. You know the rest ... it's all done with mirrors above and below.