Orion over El Castillo   NASA - December 21, 2012

December 21, 2012 Blog

Last night all I wanted to do was sleep ... out cold by 8:30 ... waking up at 6:06 this morning. I opened my eyes ... and noted ... yes we are still here just as I suspected.

Energetically I felt nothing changing on this date. Then I remembered the time for "whatever was supposed to happen" was 6:11 so at 6:10 - I walked to the living room window facing the bridge and looked out ... nothing but fog, rain and wind blowing the trees around.

As I stood there, messages received over the past 20 years of living here, flashed through my mind. No ... today was not the day, but it is soon. I remembered the final message from Z on 12/12/12 as I sat at the end of the pier with George looking out at the Statue of Liberty. We were shown a simple circle meaning there is nothing left to guess or second guess about closure ... just go out and play.

I've never blogged about December 21, 2012 as a day of destruction, or the evolution of consciousness into a Golden Age, though I have posted other people's theories to that end - and they were numerous. It is not the world that is going to end, but Time itself ... when in one instant, all fades to black. Historically, predicted dates have been wrong, so today came as no surprise.

There will be thousands, if not millions, of disappointed people around the world who expected a shift in reality or something apocalyptic - something that changes the destiny of reality forever. I am not sure how this will affect them as they have focused, and believed, the myth of the Mayan Calendar, which is just another wake-up call about reality being a consciousness hologram ... as physicists today try to conclusively prove that we exist in a simulation.

Back at my desk, I checked the news, should something have happened in the world that was of global significance linked to this prophecy ... there was nothing. Just as I had suspected ... it was another day, with the usual broadcasts.

Today marked the one week anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings - with vigils in many areas.

Today is the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, as the sun moved into Capricorn - Christmas not far behind.

People enjoyed end time parties, gatherings, and meditations. A friend wrote on my Facebook wall ... "We're having an end of the world party tonight, then on Saturday we're having an "I Survived the Apocalypse! party." ... Any excuse to party (laugh)

Ellie on Blog Talk Radio Bridge to Oneness discussing December 21, 2012.

Saturday December 22, 2012 ...

Belief is a very sacred thing and when that belief let's you down, then what? Millions of people, counting on something big happening yesterday, are disappointed to the point of depression - Ellie and Peter. They all fail to get the point that we are still in the window for closure, but Time, like reality, is an illusion and elusive.

It's curious that 2013 is not in the grids ... as if it is going to appear in the hologram as it goes along ... then fading to black abruptly. This is different ... but makes sense.