Free Will Above and Below

During the course of the day, pay attention to how everything that touches your life/personal grid is instantly processed by your emotional body to your soul.

Here is an example of how it works -- you are about to have an accident, you see it coming, you shift your grid from above and avert the accident without the dramas that would have resulted had you not made that momentary choice. In that nano second you weighed the pros and cons of such an accident and determined whether or not it was an experience your soul needed.

You may stop and wonder why you chose that possibility. Could it be that you wanted to see how you process free will into your physical experience? It works for me every time and I have many stories to that end. It gives you power and allows you to understand more about your soul's journey.

Free Will does not exist in this level of experience. It comes from above. You move into a free will zone when you instantly recognize how your consciousness processes the endless choices it has as they flow by on the circular screens of reality that present themselves.

You are the soul spark in the center

Note the other souls out there attracted to the same experiences

Think of yourself as a virtual reality character/projected illusion in a game. You experience by viewing 360° circular screens that are in constant motion with you at the core. You pick and chose experiences as they flow by. The more your became aware of your own processing, and the need to complete your time in the emotional grid, the faster and easier it all becomes.

The healing process, meditation, rituals, prayer, or anything else you do in physical reality, are just tools to help you become more aware of the human experiment and where it is all going. They do not manifest reality. Grids choices do.

Your soul is out there now viewing the grids of potential experiences and setting up choices for you. You are what you would see. Always you are the time traveler planning your venue based on your codes for instant experience. Your physical codes, or DNA, can only be changed from above or higher frequency thought which comes through understanding that realty is a hologram about to evolve out of physical existence. In other words ... it's not real, so let go and see what happens.

The Bottom Line ...You'll never get there if you remain stuck in the emotional grid.