The Inner Child refers to your emotional body. Carl Jung called it the 'Divine Child'. Emmet Fox called it the 'Wonder Child'. Charles Whitfield called it the 'Child Within'. Some psychotherapists call it the 'True Self'. Our personalities emerge as a result of our genetic code, DNA, or inherited characteristics, and the environment in which we experience. Childhood is dictated by those who raise us and often causes scars that will take years to heal. For the most part, our issues go back to childhood and what impacted on our emotional and physical bodies at that time. The inner child remains with us all of our lives. We are all children at heart, innocently searching for our meaning in life.

The Playful Child

That self that is naturally playful, creative, spontaneous and fun loving child. This self longs to play. Many of us have forgotten how to do this without guilt or anxiety that as adults we must be doing something that is worthwhile.

The Spoiled Child

That part of us wants what they want and they want it now, and if they don't get what they want, they throw temper tantrums.

The Neglected Child

The child self that was always left alone without much nurturing and love. They don't believe they are lovable or worthwhile. They don't know how to love. They are depressed and want to cry.

The Abandoned Child

This child self has been left in some way like divorce or adoption or just left because the parents were kept busy working. They are always fearful that they will be abandoned again and again. This part of the self is starving for extra attention and reassurance that they are safe and okay. This self is very lonely.

The Fearful Child

This part has been overly criticized when they were small. Now they are anxious and are in panic much of the time. They need lost of encouragement and positive affirmations.

The Unbonded Child

This Inner Child never learns to be close to anyone. They are isolated. Intimacy feels alien and scary. Trust is a basic issue.

The Discounted Child

This is a part of the self that was ignored and treated as though they did not exist. They don't believe in themselves and need lots of love to assist and support them.

The Spiritual Child

This part of the self searches for answers from higher realms. The final result of healing the Inner Child - is balance within Oneself and being able to give and receive LOVE.

At the end of the day, it's all part of the illusion.