Balance Partners and Messengers

Reality is about the return to light and consciousness.

Balance Partners are the people you meet along the way who help you create balance in your life. They are catalysts who allow you to activate your DNA codes. In a time of the evolution of consciousness, balance partners would be on the same frequency, saying and doing things that bring an awakening feeling within each of you. You look forward to talking, texting, or emailing, the messages igniting something in your souls that creates balance within.

Reality is a consciousness hologram set in linear time to experience emotions. It is based on one's DNA codes and environmental influences. We come from light, are experiencing in physical reality (emotions), and as consciousness evolves back to light, there is a need to find those who can help us heal and restore balance to that end.

2015 and Beyond ...

The focus of my readings has shifted greatly through the years as if there is an inner knowing that everything is changing and keeping one's balance is getting more difficult.

Age-old paradigms that never worked, are collapsing. They include economic, religious, political, social, and eco-systems. Weather patterns are shifting along with the predicted increase in global natural disasters. The tectonic plates are shifting. Earthquakes are coming closer in time, with increasing intensity, and affecting populated areas. It's all a pattern playing out in time.

Now is the moment of great balance, when prophecies throughout time, come to the fore as all returns to consciousness and light ... and with that we are guided to seek answers. Souls are tired, confused, and always ask me these questions:

These answers will come through one's experiences along the way - sometimes with a person I call a "Balance Partner" - one who enters your life to allow you to create balance and clarity. As you move through your spiritual journey, balance partners will come and go at appointed times because you will attract each other to that end.

This attraction is generally created by the Synchronicity Principle. You attract each other as you are on the same frequency and have things to share. The synchronicities that develop between you stagger the mind and hence raise the frequencies of both people. The recognition should be there by both partners and is generally fast and fun - a connection forming quickly.

Finding Balance Partners

Balance Partners show up when two souls are ready to share. It just happens.

Trust that your soul will bring that person as needed as the attraction is created at a soul level, not from your physical mind.

Balance Partners can live local to each other or at great distances. In the Age of Technology, especially with Skype, none of that matters. There are endless ways to connect and find each other online or through shared interests. Facebook is a good place to start.

You may never physically meet, but the connection is strong. Your conversations may increase from occasional messages to several times a day as you are both growing in ways that you cannot with anyone else. Events become exciting and are met with great anticipation.

Spiritual Connections and Balance Partners

Balance Partners can be any age, sex, religion, from any culture or background, come from different walks of life, the point being they have entered your life to share information and experiences with you that enhance your journey and give you the feeling of moving closer to the spiritual mission that seems to embrace your soul and tug at your consciousness.

Balance Partners enhance each other's spiritual growth. They can share dreams, synchronicities, and more. Balance Partners take on a new hue than former relationships in that they are people you generally would not have expected to connect with. Friends, until this point in your life, are people who fit into your lifestyle, but Balance Partners are there to guide your genetic cellular memory on your journey into awareness. Once you connect, the excitement and shared communication seems unmatched by anyone else around you.

The remote journeys and meditations you share can be the most memorable travels of your lifetime - if only in consciousness.

With Balance Partners, it is as if one person has half of
the information while the other person has the other half.

Your Balance Partner can be another aspect of your soul
simultaneously experiencing in another physical body.

Spirit Messengers and Balance Partners

Balance Partners are messengers bringing us the information we need at any given moment in time.

Messengers can come from anywhere, any realm of experience, generally experienced for a moment, messages received, then the messenger moves on.

We may consider spirits, in any form, messengers in that context, but generally we seek physical messengers, to be sure we have clarity with what they wants us to understand.

We often dialogue with Spirit Guides, Angels, deceased loved ones, all of whom become Balance Partners in the moment. Some call this channeling ... whatever ... as long as you get the message and it moves your experience forward in balance.

I have a balance partner on the other side named Z ... Zoroaster ... mentioned throughout Crystalinks. I can't remember a time he didn't balance my energies and decisions. We dialogue all the time.

Dreams and Balance Partners

Balance Partners can discuss each other's dreams bringing focus to content. Far more exciting are shared dreams in which both dreamers experience the same events simultaneously and can discuss them afterwards, the events brought into physical consciousness.

You may also wonder, 'Did we set up the dream sequence?' The answer is Yes. Souls will do anything to make a point - and those gleaned from shared dreams are always most relevant.

Romantic Connections and Balance Partners

Romantic partners who are on a spiritual journey, also act as catalysts, raising frequency as they connect body, mind and soul - the energetic high of the love frequency.

In this case lovers can be Balance Partners if both are emotionally balanced and able to successfully have a romantic relationship ... or else .. it all ends in disaster and there is as much loss as gain. Much of it has to do with ego and co-dependency. Never forget that most metaphysical partners have many lovers, as is the nature of the journey.

Balance Partners, though they may totally understand your needs and how to create understanding in your life, may not be there for romance, which generally complicates things. Please do not get caught up in romantic fantasy if it is not in everyone's best interests.

The need for ongoing communication, and the high created by the connection, may seem like romantic love, but may not be the case.

Balance is the name of the game.

Number of Balance Partners

If you are reading this, you probably have had at least one Balance Partner and can identify with this information.

You can have one or more Balance Partner at a time because no one has all of your answers.

Balance Partners will come and go as we quickly move into total consciousness.

We let go of friends who are not in balance with us, the same holds true for Balance Partners.

Healing Issues With Balance Partners

Healing is a very powerful topic as souls struggle to understand truth in lieu of changing times and frequencies.

Healing creates balance and awareness leading to the understanding of reality as a holographic experience and where it is all going ... very soon.

Balance Partners are generally not therapists, just souls looking to enlighten and make sense of this changing reality. The healers, energy workers, spirit counselors, or life coaches are burning out, or may not be on track with current influences on consciousness. Each year, as we move into another timeline of reality, they must adapt as well.

Can Balance Partners heal wounded souls? Perhaps temporarily, but in the long run, a soul's DNA programming for dysfunctionality has to shift, and that can only come from the person who is struggling for balance. No Balance Partner can permanently do that for another.

Self-sabotage is not easy to overcome. It all comes from brain chemistry - the human brain being nothing more than an electrochemical machine forever viewing streaming consciousness for experience and interpretation.

Never allow ego or petty jealousies to stand in your way.

Meditation may help the people involved, but what happens to that energy when people return to the every-day life? Ellie's archives are filled with endless ways to heal issues, but with an Ellie Twist nothing woo-woo.

Balance Partners can help you work on your issues as those souls are there to guide and enhance your experience in a positive way, but don't push them too far. You have to be ready for change as we are in end times.

If your balance partner is emotionally unstable, you may not be able to balance them. You will then move on because trying to balance that person creates an imbalance for you in areas that were once balanced. Balance partners are there for growth and fun not to create greater imbalances in your life.

Ellie's philosophy: Stay away from dysfunctional people no matter how they integrate and ingratiate themselves in your life. Run like hell or your balance will be lost.

Natural Progression of Time With Balance Partners

Balance Partners remain in our lives for a period of time, then should be able to move on without a feeling of anxiety, separation or loss. Co-dependency doesn't work in higher frequency.

Knowledge and balance can be shared, after which a friendship can be maintained or souls simple move in other directions to find new balanced partners for their next level of experience.

Balance Partners are often vehicles that lead one or both partners to other people to enhance their growth. This can create a spider-web effect as we are all connected to the same source of consciousness.

Please remember that the function of the Balance Partner is to create balance and understanding for both of you. Make it fun and uncomplicated or it will end and you will miss whatever opportunity for growth your souls could have created.

Nature and Balance Partners

Messages can come from anywhere, at any time, not just through a Human or Spirit Balance Partners.

Nature can be your Balance Partner for the day, including plants, animals, cloud scrying and more.

Relaxed in nature, your mind sets up a natural connection that you formerly would not have recognized, thus creating balance in your brain.

The bird flying above becomes your Balance Partner, as something is associated with this moment. Perhaps it is a code you set up with someone you loved who has crossed over - the bird's presence now a message that they are okay on the other side and guiding your journey.

Archetypes and Balance Partners

These are our markers in time, the archetypes, epiphanies, and signposts along the way that guide and create balance and understanding.

They may include:

It is most important to recognize messengers and messages when they appear. If you miss the message, or the messenger, your soul will most likely replay the message in another way until you do, so please be sure to check your 'text messages' and those that come from other sources. Good luck finding balance in your life. The clock is ticking.

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