Wednesday, December 13th Day 9

The Flight Home - Meeting El-Sherif

I was right about the man I was supposed to sit next to. We looked at each other as I sat down, and there was an instant nano-second of recognition when 2 souls reunite in the realms of time.

Little was said as we settled in our seats and the plane readied for take-off. It was now after midnight and the memories of December 12, 2000 (12/12/00) still echoed in my mind. All I could think about was going to sleep, intense energies beckoning me to the other side.

The man seated next to me was an Egyptian, named El-Sherif, who lives and works in Philadelphia as a professor in a local university and an engineer. He is 6 months older than me, and a Cancer, not the greets sign for an Aquarius.

He was very kind as I tried to get myself settled into a narrow seat with little leg room. He got me extra pillows and blankets and lifted the armrest between us out of the way for more room.

I remember someone asking if I wanted dinner, a movie, drinks, or whatever.

My mind said, Go away! I'm getting very cranky! It's not easy moving grids and then having to fly in a small space all in one day!

El-Sherif suggested I remove my shoes after which I managed to sleep for some time.

When I awoke, he was also waking up.

I looked for my watch! Darn, the pocketwatch and my wristwatch were in my bag under the seat in front of me and I was wedged into my seat surrounded in blankets and pillows. It was almost comical !

I asked El-Sherif for the time and he said we had flown for 6 hours and it was almost midnight, EST. Then I realized It was still December 12th!

Another 6 hours in this seat ....

I turned to look at Irene who was sleeping in the seat behind me.

El-Sherif smiled at me as I readjusted the pillows and blankets, then fell back to sleep.

I slept off and on for two more hours, then awoke leaning on his shoulder, (oh dear) and we started to talk.

We bonded immediately as we sat there sharing the stories of our lives like two old friends who hadn't seen each other for years.

Talk turned to silly laughter as I realized how psychic he was.

I asked him if he would like to hold my 'sensor'!

Whoops! Did he get the wrong idea?!

I showed it to him!

He took the disc and held it.

He said that all he saw were lines of light energies in odd patterns, rather than images he could describe.

I surmised that he could be seeing the new grids or he was getting a migraine from me.

We laughed and played and ate tuna sandwiches on awful hard rolls.

A while later, as if in a time warp, he proposed and we decided to be marry for the remainder of the trip, no honeymoon as the seats were too small!

We discussed how we wound up sitting near each other. He had originally reserved a window seat, as that is always his preference, but at the last minute changed to the aisle for a reason he didn't understand until I sat down.

This man could grow on me!

After being around this planet as long as I have, meeting and reading as many people as I do, you know when a connection is karmic and/or comic.

El-Sherif told me that he had gone to Egypt as part of an ongoing project with a group of German scientists, physicists to be precise.

Don't worry! The project is not about time travel, at least not as far as I know!

I told him about my past life with the Germans and the experiments.

Did he think I was crazy? He seemed to understand about past lives but not about me playing the role of a male scientist in that scenario.

I suppose if you want to interest a man you shouldn't tell him you had a penis the last time around, they may get confused!

Actually I knew from the time we met, and the synchronicities surrounding that meeting, that we shared many past lives and were linked through time, especially in Egypt and Germany! The same souls seem to be moving through these programs playing roles with similar frequencies!

El-Sherif and I watched part of a Bruce Willis movie called The Kid. It was about one of my favorite subjects, 'time travel'. In the movie a boy moves through time and winds up in Bruce's loft apartment. Bruce is actually the boy grown up. The boy is disappointed in Bruce's lifestyle and tries to change him. Later in the movie we see Bruce and the boy in a parallel reality where the boy lives out his childhood fantasies, becomes a pilot, has a dog, marries and has a family, etc.

Reality truly is projected illusion. Bruce remains in his current reality but opens his heart, the old heart chakra scenario. Other than that Bruce is rich and famous and corporate, really not a bad guy at all, your basic American business type who can't bond or marry - shrink stuff. Bruce's character has a psychic sister played by Lily Tomlin, my kind of role. Lilly and her switchboard come to mind when people talk about channeling. Like the movie Matrix, your consciousness plugs into the person you are channeling, then you access prerecorded information - love and light stuff.

After the movie, El-Sherif showed me how to fill out the customs forms ... like I couldn't do it myself! Hey! Sometimes its fun to play a helpless brunette. "Put that where?"

The plane was 30 minutes late, landing at 6:30 AM at Kennedy Airport, just as the sun rose over the horizon.

It was time to remove the wedding ring El-Sherif had made me from the rubber band (stretching through many lifetimes) that was around our tuna (fish symbology) sandwich. The ring was beginning to feel a bit too constricting for me anyway.

After the flight he waited to help Irene and I with luggage customs.

I gave him my business card as I walked away with Irene and her husband, his eyes penetrating through me.

Several hours later he called after returning home.

Why was I not surprised?!

You can't beat Egypt for bringing twin flames together!

For now I have made a new friend, one who says he'll be in my friend forever!

Should I tell him that forever is just an illusion or should one merely meet 'strangers in the night' and go from there?

Remember the five blue lights I saw on the front of the cabin on the flight to Egypt?

As it turns out, El-Sherif was on that flight sitting in one of those seats - a multidimensional journey.

One Year Later ... December 12, 2001

El-Sherif and I have developed a powerful romantic relationship that has taught us much about love and life in many realities. We shared the events of 9/11. We have seen each other as we exist on many levels and found endless synchronicities that link with time and space. We share dream time as twinflames never extinguish ... they continue until the sacred flame is dimmed forever.

March 19, 2003

Destiny brought El-Sherif and I together in Washington, DC just as the war with Iraq was about to begin. Synchronicity? I think not. The journey of the bloodline continues through time ... Distant Journeys


A revolution has taken place in Egypt and many other Arab Nations and countries throughout the Middle East. The fight for freedom affects us all. El-Sherif travels back and forth to Egypt helping the interim government find some degree of stability. He is hopefully things will get better, yet I don't see it. People are currently watching the collapse of the hologram, from natural disasters to economic, political, social and religious systems.

December 12, 2012 or 12/12/12

Based on an interpretation of the Mayan Calendar this was supposed to be a day of great change. Sherif was in Egypt so we connected by phone combining and connecting energies. We could feel the power of it all but nothing really happened. We would connect again on December 21, 2012. Once again we feel powerful energies but nothing that would change reality as we experience it. In all it was fun.

12.12.2012 With Sherif and George

Seventeen years later ...

El-Sherif called today as I was reading a client born on 12/12.

His final message each time we speak is, "We will always be connected."

The Way We Were - Pharaonic Egypt Revisited

Wednesday November 25, 2020

December 2000 I traveled to Egypt and met my soulmate El Sherif. We celebrate our anniversary on 12.12 each year traveling in person or remotely through space-time. Tonight he surprised me with an early visit as something stirs our souls. Dinner then a visit to an Egyptian past life in the days of the Pharaohs. When I showed him the pics of the monoliths (see posts below with explanations) - not only was he connecting the dots back to Z but so were the waiter, bus boy and others nearby who overheard our conversion. All roads lead back to Z as Thoth the Egyptian Scribe who wrote this adventure. Everyone seems to want to make an alien connection back to our origin story.

When the stars and planets align as once they did to greet us at the obelisk with the pyramid in the distance.


Selfie at the base of the obelisk. The way we were in Pharaonic Egypt.


The Time Traveling Blue Photo - Akhenaten, Anunnaki


It's always been about the blue in the golden alchemy to time.


The Illusion of Time is Dissolving

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