Ellie and Harold - Synchronicities and Selfies

Tuesday January 13, 2015

On a crisp sunny day in an otherwise gloomy winter in the city, I ran into an old friend and fellow UFO researcher, Harold Egeln, who lives in my neighborhood though we hadn't seen each other for years. Harold is a retired newspaper reporter now doing freelance assignments. As always we talked about the endless synchronicities that seem to tie our lives together, including our meeting on this day when we were originally going in opposite directions .... then found ourselves in the same place at the same time. I told Harold about Chelsea's passing. He said that while he was setting up his 2015 calendar last week, he noticed an old forgotten calendar from 1991. On it he noted the Bill Cooper event where we both met Chelsea - her name on the calendar. Apparently we both lost weight and feel great. We are both born in 1943 - Aquarius and Leo. On and on we talked in my car, promising to have lunch one day next week then taking a selfie before going about the rest of our day. ...

Update Friday - Destiny brought us together again in the same place at a different time for a chance meeting.

French Connections and Publications

Inserts and Codes

Charlie Hebdo has been on my mind. Not the magazine, the events of last week or where they are leading the world, but the name Charlie and something about the word "Heb". In my mind Heb is a symbol of alien origin somewhere that I can see but not recreate as it is not three dimensional. Charlie has significance to me linked to aliens as well. The word/name "Charlie" stirred my soul before I met Harold today. It took us on a journey into the past. "Je suis Charlie" is like the voice of the hologram talking to me repeating, "I am Charlie". French connections also take me to France which has the largest Jewish population in Europe ... then back to the energies of World War II insert - time travel and biogenetic experiments.

About the attacks... if you are wondering if I gave input while events were gong on ... Yes I did. The day it began I saw Mossad involved and feel they will find the missing woman and more that we will never know about or can't discuss. To me this is about the end of the story coming full circle ... the Middle East to Europe to the US ... playing out the final chapter.

France takes us to the Jesus bloodline. According to The Da Vinci Code, Mary Magdalene was of royal descent (through the Jewish House of Benjamin) and was the wife of Jesus, of the House of David. That she was a prostitute was slander invented by the Church to obscure their true relationship. At the time of the Crucifixion, she was pregnant. After the Crucifixion, she fled to Gaul (France), where she was sheltered by the Jews of Marseille. She gave birth to a daughter, named Sarah. The bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene became the Merovingian dynasty of France. Again we are talking about biogenetic experiments.

Upon returning home after meeting Harold, I received an email from a woman in Paris named Florence (my mom's name) that began ...

It was a photo of Lucy the possible missing link in Paleontology. Was Lucy an alien? an insert? other?

From Brooklyn (US)... to France ... to the Middle East ... to Egypt ... the journey of the bloodline comes full circle ...

The Great Pyramid Insert

This discovery probably wouldn't have happened on Zahi's watch. It is also an insert in the hologram as many believe the Great Pyramid is linked to our hologram and is an energy source that powers something. Wish I was there.

  Man Finds a Hidden Passage to Great Pyramids Beneath His House   Epoch Times - January 12, 2015
The Pyramids at Giza are among the world's most famous ancient buildings, but there are still many mysteries surrounding them. Until recently, one thing that has confounded experts is where a covered passageway leading to the Great Pyramid referenced by the Greek historian Herodotus could possibly be. They need not wonder any longer, as a guy found it under his house. The man was illegally digging on his property in a village near Giza when he came upon a tunnel made of large stone pieces. Archaeologists soon arrived on the scene and confirmed that he'd dug down to the corridor that leads to the Pyramid of Khufu as it is sometimes known. The causeway currently lies about 30 feet under the ground's surface. Prior to this, excavations and searches performed over a number of decades had only turned up fragments of the underpass. Not only does the discovery confirm the passageway referenced by Herodotus in the 5th century B.C. exists, it suggests the location of the undiscovered Valley Temple is at its terminus. Archaeologists now believe that the adjoining structure is located somewhere beneath the village Nazlet el-Samman.

The Giza Plateau