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UFOs - Volcanoes - Z-Mobile - Merkabah Vehicle

Do you recognize the man in the ship (sarcophagus) above?
It's not Z ... It's Osiris ... One and the same.

August 12, 2008

As I mentioned recently, with increased sightings of spaceships and lights throughout the planet, people are being drawn together to 'call down' UFOs. This is all part of the awakening process. Networking is fun and can create friendships for those of like-mind. Whatever these groups of people see and experience in some way transforms their consciousness - and often their emotional and spiritual connection to closure.

My friend Mike plans to visit James Gilliland's ranch in Washington State in October as they have become close friends. They plan to 'call down' the ships, some metallic, other seemingly biological, that are regularly seen over the mountains of James' property.

I am told, these mountains are dormant volcanoes. Mt. Popocatepetl in Mexico is another volcano where UFOs have been photographed and taped in recent years. Are these volcanoes portals?

My take, with almost all of the UFO sightings, is that they are mostly ships monitoring the program, are unmanned, are appearing more frequently now to awaken consciousness ... or they are government craft created by reverse engineering. Legitimate alien spaceships are conscious, can time travel, are preprogrammed, and exist in all realities of the program. Many people attribute their appearance to gods or creator beings. I don't think so ... and please never worship anything or anybody. It's all a learning experience.

Let's get mythological, metaphorical, or whatever ... The alleged biological craft share the characteristics of the winged 'Ring of Cosmic Power' of Zoroaster - Z. In Jewish mysticism, this winged ring is known as the Merkabah vehicle - rotation and spin. Hence we have the Z-Mobile.

Z - Zoroaster aka Zarathustra is said to sail the universe in this mystical light craft, that spirals consciousness to the next level of human evolution by awakening inherent codes within our DNA. If you visualize the ring as a craft ... listen to its tones (rings) as they resonate within your consciousness at higher frequency. Yup! You can ride the soul train ... come on aboard.

Whether you are: watching and waiting for a ship to return, for a stealth vehicle to reveal itself, for government disclosure and a truth you think will change everything, or just sensing that the time to leave is at hand - your answers will soon be given. Feel it...

In truth, the Merkabah is male/female merged, is a star tetrahedron crystal vehicle of light and consciousness. One could think of it as your personal starship out of here.

As science meets science fiction ...

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