Double Helix of Healing Workshop - April 26, 2008

Thirty people from around the globe gathered to work with their DNA codes.

Shaman Jose Munoz sits in the center holding Obsi, his Mayan Crystal Skull.

One of the highlights of the workshop was a demonstration of

12 Around 1 forming DNA ribbons - Grids of Consciousness - Wheel of Time and Karma

Back to the beginning ~~~~~ how your DNA code was first created

then riding your DNA from origin to present day.

The energies of spirit were very powerful and embraced each of the students as needed,
increasing as students went back to the beginning, the first insert, creation from the void.

Jose shared his 10-day journey to the Yucatan to meet with the Elders
where he received a special initiation to activate his DNA.

It was then he found an obsidian crystal skull, he named Obsi.

Jose showed Mapi how to hold Obsi, facing north.

Though it was supposed to rain, the day turned out picture perfect. Weather always sets the tone for our lives - a clear sunny spring day creating the right energies for students who came to the workshop from all walks of life, careers, educational backgrounds, ages, races and religions. The group included a soldier home from a tour of duty in Iraq, an architect from the UK, people in various aspects of media, and more, all on a quest for knowledge by altering their DNA and consciousness patterns.

Students released personal and universal issues while working with Obsi, who is made from Obsidian. Jose explained ... the shiny black color demonstrates the void through which gold (alchemy) comes into the light. Obsi is an amazing crystal in design, following the patterns of sacred geometry. After the students got to hold Obsi, we all agreed, it was a feminine energy and so happy. Jose and I did an initiation with each student, shifting their DNA codes.

On other topics discussed - no one believes that any of the presidential candidates is well qualified - everything is accelerating along with earth changes and consciousness - some believe in 2012 as an end time date - all but one man intuitively sense closure at hand - all were altered during the workshop. Everyone got to connect with their spirit guide, many finding a new guide as their consciousness evolves .. and there was so much more.

Email from Chris the UK architect:

Email from Angela in Brooklyn - Artist, Wall Murals

The House of El

In a recent episode of Smallville we find Lionel Luther murdered by his son Lex, (Alexander), as Clark searches for the truth about Lionel - Was he good or was he evil? Inside Lionel's walk-in vault, Clark's attention is riveted to a book - Beyond Good and Evil written by Friedrich Nietzsche who also wrote Thus Spoke (Spake) Zarathustra which goes to the film, 2001: A Space Odyssey (film) and my file '2001: A Space Odyssey' 'Thus Spake Zarathustra' and the events of 9/11. Next to the book, Clark finds a shiny metal cylinder with 3 sets of Kryptonian hieroglyphs. Activating them, Clark learns about 2 keys that shape his destiny.

Clark's Kyrptonian name is Kal-El, from the House of El. Kal-El translates to "Star Child". In the TV series 'Smallville', Kal-El came to Earth, as a baby in 1989. In 1989, in my book "2012 Sarah and Alexander", six-year old Sarah, the Star Child, plants a crystal blue/white seed by the stream, near the footbridge, which becomes the next Tree of Life in 2012.

April 17, 2008, Ellie at home

under my bridge where the 'El'ements and 'El'mentals meet.

Feeling a shift in my DNA and energies ...

Tuning into the ship above...

Beam me up ...

The image above inverted in Adobe Photoshop (Image, Adjustments, Invert)

Purple/Pink Sky (Crystalinks Mission Statement), the Eyes, the Blue Tinged Skin (Sirius Isis)

It reminded me of this image by visionary artist Gilbert Williams - Isis Rising

From the physical to the ethereal

Isis activating her DNA to ascend

2012 Sarah and Alexander The Alchemy of Time