Spirit Guide Workshop, DNA Carousel

June 27, 2004

On a picture perfect day in New York, guided by Spirit, 11 students gathered in my home for a workshop. The dynamics of the group worked well. We sat in a circle which increases the energies. The theme of the workshop was spirit guides but discussions turned to messages from clouds, birds, aliens and angels. As the group was small, I was able to work privately with each student, sending energies through the palms of my hands into theirs, giving them the names of their guides, messages of importance, and in some cases messages given by deceased loved ones who happen to be with us. During the final meditation, we joined with our spirit guides and power animals as we each took a sacred journey.

I saw myself with Z, my spirit guide, who was dressed in a funky blue outfit with gold braiding and a turban hat. Z and I walked in a grassy field. A white dove flew above us as my power animal for that experience. Suddenly a column of spiraling white light manifested before me. I quickly realized that it was DNA spiraling upward.

After the meditation I was to discover that the woman sitting directly across from me, was having a similar experience wherein she saw a white column of light in the center of the group. I watched Z move to the top of the column. Then he went to each student, working with their guides to activate their DNA and merge it with the column of light. He did that for everyone in the room, moving in a circle, counter clockwise from where I sat.

The DNA strands looked like party streamers or ribbons, swooping slightly and meeting at the top of the column. It became a carousel, or merry-go-round. Lots of symbology here ... The carousel is one of my symbols for the Wheel of Karma that goes round and round. We cannot get off until the ride stops. The ribbons represent karmic ribbons, or karmic ties that keep us bound on the merry-go-round or carousel.

The horse symbolizes, Nebula, Creation, Revelation, Behold a White Horse, Revelation 19:11, "And I saw heaven open, and behold, a White Horse." This website references the White Horse as Pegasus. One of the students saw Pegasus as her power animal during this meditation. She flew away with him.

While riding the carousel, we try to catch the brass ring, which looks gold.

Gold is alchemy, gold is in the blood, which represents bloodline, DNA.
Rings symbolize completion, Circle of Life.

In my mind I could hear the music, the tones of a carousel as I watched Z. This music is often associated with the circus and clowns, which links to the Trickster and the Flower of Life, conical hats. The Trickster is also the Joker, which goes to Jack in the Box and a surprise ending for humanity in the box.

Z took a giant scissors and moving counter clockwise cut the karmic ribbons that connected each person to the column. Once completed everything went poof! It became a big ball of purple light then morphed into a ball of white light, back to source!

Grab the brass ring

to free yourself from the sands of time.