International Women's Day March 8, 2007

International Women's Day is a focal point in the movement for women's rights.

2007 Theme: "Ending Impunity for Violence Against Women and Girls"

The rights of women will continue to increase until the simulation of our reality runs out of time.

Abuse: Needless to say, if you are being abused, search for a way out or you will be trapped in the physical grid when it shuts down. Everyone has a 'self-preservation' mechanism built into their DNA that can guide this. Find that part of you and you will be guided to safety.

Appearance: When you are undressed, look at yourself in the mirror and evaluate what you see, how you got that way, if change is needed, and what you can do about it. Exercise, yoga, pilates, other ...

Birth Control: Be responsible. I am still doing with readings, not with men as of late, but with women, who are getting pregnant using the old fashioned 'pull out' method. Get a grip!

The One: Be realistic, The One may not exist for you. Feelings of loneliness exist for most people, especially those who have never been in love, or experienced the love of a partner. Love goes beyond pheromones, and can only be sustained in a balanced way, by those who are functional, less dramas. I know that humans need to have the hope of finding of this person, but look around. Do a reality check about yourself and what you really want. In metaphysics you are taught to set your intent for who you want, (perhaps with ritual), but that may not happen in a reality where people find it increasingly difficult to live in drama. What do you offer in a balanced relationship? Many women come here and tell me what they want, having never taken a look at who they are. Self-awareness comes first. If you want The One, you have to trust that your soul will find that person, if possible. There are great guys (or women) out there, now you have to become their compliment. You will attract by who you are.

Partners: Once you move into consciousness, you cannot find a partner if he does not exist in physical reality. Even sex with someone who is not on the same frequency becomes meaningless.

The Metaphysical Lover: The metaphysical/spiritual man will attract you. You will think he can make you feel complete and may be 'mesmerized' in the energy of the moment. You need to know the man's background. He most likely has issues and may be looking for a caretaker so he can play the role of the metaphysical healer while you supply income. If his past is dysfunctional (abuse), he may not be beyond it on some levels - it is just manifesting in another way. Be guarded. He may not realize his own truth.

Money: Do not tell any man about your financial status. Do not involve your money with a man unless he is a business partner, not lover, and even then, be careful. Be sure the dream he creates is not more his, than yours, don't go there. Don't give away your power (money) to him.

Reflections and the Matrix: Did you ever reflection on a major event that happened in your life and look at everything that happened before and after it occurred and the matrix of people, places and events that touched this experience. Use your expanded awareness to extend beyond personal experience. Examine how the Ripple Effect manifested. Y.A.N.A. - You are not alone ... or are you?

Your soul needs to be free and balanced, which means trying to free yourself from codependent relationships. It is the only way you will be in your own power.

Education: Educate yourself in every, and any way, you can.

Awareness: Find a private space that works for you, even if it is in your thoughts as you fall asleep and go there as often as you want

Goals: Life is nothing without passion and goals. Plan something, no matter how small and always check in with your soul as to the state of the program. How close are we? There is a major (majority) shift going on right now. As with all shifts, it affects people of like frequency, not everyone.

Spirituality: Many feel an inner stirring they label priestess, or goddess, energies. Where is this taking you and how can you seize the moment? Perhaps we can do a reading about that, as the experience is uniquely yours.

Workaholic by choice: Wondering when your personal life might begin. You might be happiest in the work grid rather than the emotional one.

The women I have met this year, the personal and professional accomplishments they have made, the awakening within and programmed changes in their thinking, has made all of the work I do worthwhile and I would never change any of it. I salute you all and am honored to be part of your transition into consciousness. Trust what you feel. The true creator is female. The feminine archetype embraces all that you do. Find it inside of you and connect to that part which is linked to her. When the time comes to leave, you will know.

WOMEN 2007