The 21st Century Women

Women are emerging in all aspects of society to bring healing, enlightenment, education, change, and spirituality to the evolution of humanity. Women are healthier in body, mind and soul, looking younger and feeling better about their role in the world. Older women are not retiring, but taking their place in the ranks of their younger sisters - which includes the women mentioned above.

Strong women are more receptive to recognizing inherited behavior patterns, seeking help and healing from western and alternative medicine. Women link with feminine energies, creative, and right brain consciousness. Women read books, the Internet, magazines, professional publications, and more. They write or journal as a catharsis of their internal boundaries that are giving way to higher purpose. Education and training are always the key. You come here to learn. You have nothing if you are not educated and well read, as all of reality is a learning experience. That is what you take away with you as experience concludes.

Women are moving beyond male abuse and indifference, to find their spirit and unlock its truths. Many women no longer feel they need a man to make them feel complete, while others are encoded to that end and forever seek "The One".

More women are exploring gay lifestyles vs. the old days when gay woman often remained without partners in fear of ridicule. Some women have male souls making them strong at times, but having soft, sensual qualities beneath the surface. In this day and age, a woman with a male soul, knows who she is, and can easily relate to what I am saying. Many of these women do not want children, have problems with female reproductive organs, remain free spirits traveling the world and experiencing the journey as if a visitor here.

Women want to work at something that fills their souls. Many manifest home based jobs, thus avoiding the pitfalls of the workplace. This month we honor all women no matter how big or small their contributions and accomplishments. Congratulations to all women in achieving their goals in this crazy world where everyone wants to make a difference.

Women Making a Spiritual Difference

If your life works, you're good to go.
If it doesn't, change it.

The work of a woman visionary is to know the past,
take powerful action in the present and create the future.

Ellie, Jeanne Bice and company having fun in Pennsylvania - March 6, 2008.

Jeanne and I agreed, power comes from a positive attitude and lots of laughter.
Quacker Factory -- Quacker Factory Clothing on QVC.

Oprah was in the news this week with the first session of "A New Earth" -- a free, 10-week online class taught by Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle, the German-born spiritual teacher and author of the current Oprah's Book Club pick A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purposes in which almost a million people participated. It is all part of the healing journey into awareness.

Hillary Clinton is currently doing battle with Barak Obama for the democratic nomination for US President. I still see her victorious. Along the 2008 campaign trail, I've discovered something interesting about the results of this presidential election. I couldn't help but notice the remaining timelines as they come more clearly into view, showing that none of it matters as they relate to the closing of the program, my focus here. Theories about changing the grids and healing the world, only apply to one's personal grid. The struggle for freedom and enlightening is now the responsibility of each soul, grid consciousness bringing windows of opportunity to that end. You would be amazed how many people do not recognize and understand their emotional challenges and learning disabilities, while others who do, don't seem to know where to go for help. 2008 is a Leap Year as many take a giant Leap of Faith to that end.

March 8, 2008: International Women's Day

So many of us strive for things outside ourselves to define our happiness only to find
that having achieved what we thought would make us happy, we are still left unfulfilled.
There is a part of us that still feels empty. Some of us stay on that wheel
for all our lives, while others realize there is something more they could do.
Carole Bayer Sager

Life on the planet is born of woman.
Adrienne Richardson

And it will evolve of a woman.
Ellie Crystal

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The theme for 2008 is Visionary Female Artists.

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