When you grow up, What do you want to be?

We are explorers in search of our personal mission and truths.

The inner child in each of us is always searching, always growing, always evolving.

Jobs and careers are no exception. They change in one's lifetime based on circumstance.

One can start in the corporate world and move to something more creative, or a medical field as their needs and frequencies change.

Many people 'burn out' doing the same thing year after year, and seek change.

Even women who were born and bred, programmed, to stay home and raise children, will often find something that interests them at some point.

The more evolved the society in which you live, the stronger your desire for change will be. You will want to do more than meaningless tasks. I wish we had robots to handle these things.

How many jobs have you had in this lifetime? How many careers?

Why did you change? Lost a business? Were you once successful, but not anymore? Is your self-esteem in the toilet?

Still trying to find yourself, your mission in life?

Still a student of the universe?, of the university which created our reality?

Do you have a desire to help humanity? Do you feel that is your mission? Can't figure out how to do that? .... how to save the souls?

It all begins with education and training, we are always in training for something. Visit a local university or school and see what is available in adult education.

As a species, humanity has come to realize how difficult it is to live in this reality, faced with challenges at each turn. These challenges have always been there, but now we recognize them and try to overcome them. Many people think the world is in a negative place, war, economy, emotional struggles, etc. This is the nature of our reality, always has been, and always will be.

Technology allows us the freedom to seek enlightenment to a certain degree, but the journey of the soul in the physical remains out of balance. It's just the program...polarity, duality, irregularity!

When interviewing for a new job, if the job is yours, you will know quickly and be hired quickly. If there are delays, the energies are not right and the job belongs to another.

When you grow up...what do you want to be?