Voyage to the Stars

The Pilgrimage and the Train Derailment in Spain

A pilgrimage is a journey or search of moral or spiritual significance. Train tracks going off to an event horizon symbolize a life path. A star is a metaphor for a soul. It can also be the source of creation. Many people are crashing now, returning to this star.

Friday July 26, 2013

On July 6, 2013, in the energies of a new moon, Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crashed landed in San Francisco. Monday July 22, 2013, in the energies of a full moon, Southwest Airlines Flight 345 crashed upon landing at LaGuardia Airport in New York City. Thursday we find the Santiago de Compostela Derailment in Spain. Most of these incidents seem to be caused by human error. Why are humans so burned out and self destructive now, resulting in collateral damage to those around them?

  Spain train crash: Driver formally detained   BBC - July 26, 2013
The driver of a train that derailed on Wednesday killing 78 people has been formally detained, Spanish police say. The driver, who was injured and is under guard in hospital, is accused of "crimes related to the accident", they say. There are reports that the train was traveling at more than double the speed limit at the time of the crash. Spain has declared three days of national mourning over the crash, one of its worst-ever rail disasters.

Santiago de Compostela Derailment   Google Images

Santiago de Compostela is the capital of the autonomous community of Galicia in northwestern Spain. The city has its origin in the shrine of Saint James the Great, now the city's cathedral, as destination of the Way of St. James, a leading Catholic pilgrimage route originated in the 9th century. In 1985 the city's Old Town was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

According to legend, Compostela derives from the Latin Campus Stellae "Field of the Star". In 813, according to medieval legend, the light of a bright star guided a shepherd, who was watching his flock at night, to the burial site in Santiago de Compostela. follow the star ...

Scrying this nebula image, I see a Goddess following a star, which
seems to align with the Great Pyramid - Orion-Sirius, Osiris-Isis ...

The Goddess and the Star
  NASA - July 26, 2013

Remember ... when time ends ... don't be afraid ... just follow the star.

Voyage on a Ship

Freedom of the Seas

Thursday July 25, 2013

Most days I see the large cruise ships, from around the world, as they sail under the Verrazano Bridge to their docking destinations in the city. I took the photo above today, as the ships sailed out to sea. At night I can stand on my terrace and watch the flashes of camera lights as passengers sail by. I've been both a guest on a cruise ship and an employee, working as a lecturer and a psychic reader. It's generally a great adventure with most ships going to different ports of call along the way. Ships often feature theme cruises such as: corporate, singles, wellness, nature, sacred sites, psychic, music, arts, science, gay, among other forums or for special occasions.

Life is filled with metaphors and illusion. A cruise ship, like any other vehicle of transportation, is a metaphor for a life path. It can also symbolize death. The steering wheel is a metaphor for the wheel of karma/life ... steering us in the right direction as the ship sails through rough seas or calm waters. Water represents the collective unconscious or the hologram.

In metaphysics, the Merkaba is a ship of sorts that transports consciousness from one reality to another, then sails off into the sunset, at the end of time. During a reading, when I see a ship coming closer, it means that person's ship is about to come in.

Ships have also been connected to travel through time and space. Don't you think it's time we learned what those ships look like and how they perform? It would change everything as we know it, and could help explain the hologram (grid travel). We have been kept in the dark way too long and are so ready to move past the illusion.

As with anything else - cruise ships must be maintained and upgraded frequently for safety and convenience to passengers and crew. If not, disasters result such as the Carnival Cruise Lines Accidents in 2013

Adding to the drama, it should not surprise you that crime exists on cruise ships. You've seen it in the movies and TV as life imitates art.

  Passengers lack public info on cruise ship crime   CNN - July 25, 2013
Vegas stole the slogan. But cruise ships can also lay claim: Whatever happens on cruise ships, stays on cruise ships. Only a tiny portion of alleged crimes on cruise ships is ever publicly disclosed, according to a report by the Senate Commerce Committee. Of 959 crimes reported to the FBI since 2011, only 31 were disclosed on a web site maintained by the U.S. Coast Guard.

So there you have it ...

Now take a pen and a piece of paper. Draw a ship or something that represents a ship to you. Add details to the picture. When you are through, it is time to define your life path today, then review and analyze it.

My ship is the US Eldridge from the Philadelphia Experiment. (Ellie drawing layered rectangles with the name on the side ... also adding wavy lines). I am alone on the bridge and loving it. ... The ship and I just disappeared in space-time. (Ellie getting another paper) If it went through an anomaly, the ship and I stayed in the same place but different timeline. If it went through a wormhole, it would be in another space-time altogether. (Ellie drawing a place with a pink sky, domed buildings and awesome tech). Think I'll stay there for now.