Virgo 2007

Happy Birthday to the Virgo readers.

August 23 opens the door to the Virgo energies ... a window that creates change and opportunities, some welcome, others forced. Use the time wisely. Virgo recycle 2007 ----> 2008 energies (click ... click .... click) :: We return to school in all grades and all levels of education. The universe is a university, to be sure. Hopefully the past year has taught you a lot about life and where reality is going. On that note ... what grade would you be entering this semester? Having a photographic memory will get you through school and is often a prerequisite for higher knowledge. Emotions block knowledge. Seek out bargains in computers and related school needs. If you going to school, be sure you graduate with a career not just a piece of paper, or you will spend years of time and money and have nothing to show for it. Relationships change in Virgo. On September 2, 2007, Saturn will leave Leo and move into Virgo. This transit is long and will transform the lives of our Virgo readers. Virgo is a mutable sign as are Pisces, Gemini, and Sagittarius.

Crunch Time

In the spiraling consciousness of linear time ...

Crunch time is the period of time immediately before a project (or other timetabled item) is due. It is typical for crunch time to occur between the next-to-last scheduled milestone and the final due date.

Most relationships have a timeline and an expiration date. As the season changes ... often do relationships. You can no longer stay if it doesn't work and you feel stifled, but you know that. Accept choices made, for life will lead to you another adventure, if you allow it. Healing takes time and effort. Dwelling solves nothing. Staying in anything abusive now will cause depression and highlight mental illness.

Trust that everything about this reality is shifting with forces so strong it is all we can do to keep afloat in the rising flood waters that shift everything. Look around ... the weather ... the people ... the economy ... politics ... religions ... the Earth changes and shifts.

If something in your life doesn't work ... unlike the past when you procrastinated on change ... you can no longer do that. You are programmed to change now and you will. The Age of Consciousness and Technology had to happen as the program closes. They are merging, while all other obsolete programs are collapsing - (economic, political, religious, social, etc.). Think outside the box. Observe the patterns. Feel your sense of disconnection from old grid patterns as your consciousness moves into the new. Go with it. Technology is increasing to allow manifestation faster and with greater precision. Consciousness is increasing along with it. It is where you need to be. A thought is created by the grid and manifests into reality by the receiver. Please pay attention to the greater messages. Do you know truth from fiction?

It is all about individual freedom and soul development. Not being free to express what is on your mind and to move away from those who abuse you in any way, stifles your soul development, but you know that. You've read enough on the subject to realize freedom is the ultimate key.

Reality (the grid matrix) is forcing issues about healing and finding one's spiritual mission on the journey home. You came in alone. You go out alone. Your life has taken different roads and you feel a need to move forward to something that beckons you ... to a sense of freedom.

You may feel you do not belong here though you are not mentally ill, nor a substance abuser. You really don't belong here. You are a soul spark of light having a spiritual experience that is about to end. You sense it. Reality makes less sense each day. Why do you stay? To be part of the closure. You have done this before. You are tired of the loops. Do you remember the last time we played this scenario?

Dreams :: If you have a pressing question, before you go to sleep, ask to have the answer given in dream time. It is the place many issues are resolved, either by meeting your guides, or those deceased who come to help or reading your personal timelines in this reality. You see where you are making mistakes, and decided to return to your physical consciousness with the truth about what you need to do. Be sure your dream information is not jaded by your conscious desires.

We have a full moon eclipse on Tuesday August 28th (see Ezine). Perhaps a meditation in that energy will refresh your memory. In a computer program, we refresh to clear things up or end the program and reboot. Group meditations last a nano second in the scheme of things. Transmute that energy to move forward. You can do it, especially if you have found your place of balance where you can take care of yourself and are good-to-go.

We are in the crunch time of this project. How does that affect your programming and journey, to make it a success?