Upstate NY 1998, The Tree, the Book, and Z

On the Summer Solstice 1998, destiny called me to the Catskill Mountain region in upstate New York. Last week a music box physically played in my home and was heard by others. This always signals to me that something linked to my book Sarah and Alexander will be shown. The Catskill Mountains have always been part of my physical experience.

On a clear summer day, my friend, Ann, and I drove to the Catskills. On this day we would let Z guide us so we went with no agenda. The trip seemed to take no time at all. Along the way we stopped at a largest antique store called 'Memories', a reference to something from another time line.

I closed my eyes, and Z showed me a white portal we would find. It would symbolizes an opening to 2 others trips Anna and I would make this month to the Catskills. Using a method called dowsing, I placed my hand over a road map of the area and waited until something felt hot to the touch. We found the hot spot and set off down several dirt roads that were not much more than spaces between trees.

The energies grew stronger as we drove deeper into the mountains. Guided, we stopped the car and got out in the middle of nowhere! There was a stream, thick old trees, intense energies. We sensed Nature Spirits, and as always Z was on high. Message about creation and a link to this area, were given.

Here's an interesting photo.

A long branch appears to be connected to my heart chakra from a white symbolic tree (of life) as I stand on the stone, the stream beneath my feet (soul, sole). Z siad, "The Earth Mother will shake loose the 'Tree of Life'." I closed my eyes and saw timelines threading (unspooling) together like a big ball of yarn (weaving the fabric of time.)

Presents from Z - Presence from Z

The next day ...

As I sat with my first client...the mailman rang the bell. He brought a package with an unknown address and no signature other than Z's. The client I was reading knows Z as she has been here before. We opened the package. In 2005 I would discover who sent the book.

Inside we found this rare book, written in 1911.

The message from the person who sent the present read:

In December 2000 I would visit Egypt. On the fight home I would meet a soul mate, an Egyptian physicist working with Germans to bring new technology to the world. He lives in Philadelphia.

The postmark on the package made me laugh. I feel an affinity to Philadelphia as per the past life as a scientist in WW II who escaped to Germany with secret documents.

7:15 PM... I picked up the book and told Z to open to any page he wanted me to connect with. The book popped opened to page 36...(laugh) "The Teachings of Zoroaster, Marriage".

E: "That's a good one, Z!"

Z: "Let's read it together, E."

E: "Do you want to discuss marriage and the roles of women...?

Z: "I know better than to go there with you!

I would prefer to discuss spiritual union, not the Earth based concepts."

E: (smile) What does the 36 have to do with 'marriage' 'union'?

Z: 36 is a metaphor. It is '9', 'completion', the marriage between soul and creation, yin / yang. Union of your male / female aspects, Becoming one and returning to source. And so it was written . . . ."

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