Upstate NY 1998

The Tree, the Book, and the Package

On the 1998 Summer Solstice destiny called me to the Catskill Mountain region in upstate New York. Last week a music box physically played in my home that was heard by others but does not exist in this reality. I have heard it since writing the first draft on my book 'Sarah and Alexander" in December 1989. Hearing the music box always signals to me that something linked to Sarah and Alexander will be shown.

The Catskill Mountains with its UFO sightings, megalithic monuments, and temporal anomalies have always been part of my experience as Ellie Crystal.

On a clear summer day, my friend, Ann, and I drove to the Catskills. On this day we would let Z act as our GPS system as these were the days before smart phones and apps. Along the way we stopped at a largest antique store called "Memories" a reference to something from another timeline. There I found an antique photo album of a family dating to the 1860s with tint type photos - translation - something having to do with my bloodline was going to be show physically or metaphorically.

The energies grew stronger as we drove deeper into the mountains. Guided by Z we stopped the car and got out in the middle of nowhere! There was a stream, thick old trees, and powerful energies as if a portal.

I'm not sure how this pic turned out the way it did. A long white tree branch appears to connect me - from under my shirt - to a symbolic white stone as I stand on a wooden log or stone that transverses the stream. My left hand appears to be holding up a wooden branch but that's just an optical illusion, just as we are an illusion set in time. Nothing is as it seems.

Presents from Z - Presence from Z

The next day ...

As I sat with my first client...the mailman rang the bell. He brought a package with an unknown address the only clue was the label stamped with the word Philadelphia. My client knows about my relationship with Z and also laughed as I open the package. In 2005 I would discover who sent the book.

Inside we found this rare book, written in 1911.

The message from the sender read:

December 2000 I would visit Egypt. On the fight home I would meet a soul mate, named Mahmoud El Sherif, an Egyptian-American physicist, engineer, and professor from Philadelphia currently working with German engineers to bring new technology to the world. I feel an affinity to Philadelphia as per the past life as a scientist in WW II who escaped to Germany with secret documents. And the story progresses ...

The Tree and the 36 White Flowers

Monday June 29, 1998

Anna and I continued our Catskill adventures with fellow UFO researcher Alexander - all of us from Brooklyn - joining us. Anna works in banking and Alex is an electrical engineer, both in their 40's.

Along the way we stopped for lunch at a large restaurant called the Duck Cedar Inn on Route 17 in Tuxedo, NY. The energies were so high, Alexander inquired about setting up a UFO conference there in the future. The manager showed us a large room with huge windows that faced out to lush grounds, mountains and a gazebo. Suddenly a bright flash of white light shot through the gazebo. Startled, the owner turned to us and asked, "Did you see that?" We went out back to investigate. The manager looked puzzled but said nothing. Each of us found the light to be some sort of confirmation of the reason we were there. Strange anomalies are not uncommon during these excursions.

Off we went on the next step of our adventures. This time I was pulled to an antique store where I found an old photo album with pictures dating from the American Revolution. It represented someone's family tree or bloodline. The message for me was -- bloodlines, DNA, Sarah and Alexander -- Ellie and a man named Alexander on this day.

Driving higher into the mountains, we drove over a real, though metaphoric bridge ... paved roads turning into narrow winding dirt roads as we drove higher and higher reminiscent of the journey of consciousness in spiraling sacred geometry ... as we watched for the signposts along the way.

The higher we drove, the more we became plugged into higher consciousness and the reason we are here, our psychic abilities increasing with each turn in the road. Suddenly both Alex and I heard, "Stop now!"

We stopped to photograph a balanced rock, as there

appeared to be the image of the All Seeing Eye

carved into a stone with a pyramid above.

In my book "2012 Sarah and Alexander", six year old Sarah and her Grandmother Rose, cross over a wooden footbridge from the estate side of their property, Twin Crossing, to the enchanted woods. They stop by the edge of the stream. Sarah and Rose planting a shimmering crystalline blue-white seed, that had been in a magic Music Box for all time. The seed would one day bloom with 36 white flowers marking the end of the cycles of time. A new tree of light blooms at the end of the story.

As we drove higher into the mountains, I suddenly shouted to Anna, ''Stop the car!" The car came to a stretching halt as I opened my door in wild anticipation! I went running from the car as there before me stood one of the most important confirmations of my life's work.

There before me stood Sarah's Tree with 36 white flowers.

It was the only flowering tree anywhere in the area.

The trunk of the tree was shaped like a snake (DNA)

Anna at the Tree her dark sunglasses reminding me of the eyes of a gray alien

Alexander at the Tree recounting the 36 white flowers to verify the number.

The image of the symbolic All Seeing Eye carved in stone is on his left side

The symbolic Eye marked the way to the entrance of a cave (mind), with a 'Z' in branches alongside.

Alexander measured very strong electromagnetic energies inside the cave - stronger as he walked deeper

Megalithic monuments in the area have been known to produce magnetic and temporal anomalies.

We didn't sense an alien presence - more like the Watchers and z guiding us along the way.

Before leaving I cut one flower which lived for weeks.

This was a day of magic for three friends, allowing me to know that everything I have been told by Z since my near death experience at age 5, to my 1954 experience on a UFO at age 11, will come to pass. Confirmation has been given again ... a bloodline of which I am a part that moved from the Middle East, sweeping across the global game board, forming the foundation of a new nation on this continent based on an ancient blueprint. The journey continues ...

Ellie holding one of the white flowers
5 bloomed - 7 are buds = 12

Magnolias symbolize dignity and nobility.

White represents the moon and any lunar goddess.

Ellie and the Trees

Two Years Later ... Ellie, the Tree and the Great Pyramid December 2000