Wednesday, December 6th, Day 2

Mena House, Tree of Life

Irene and I arrived in Cairo with little ado. I was surprised to see soldiers with guns at the airport, but that is the norm over there.

We arrived a half hour early, 3 PM, Wednesday December 6th. Rush hour was starting as people leave work early for Ramadan, so traffic was a mess.

For some reason the car from our hotel never came for us, so we took a taxi from the airport, a white Mercedes, with air conditioning. The drive was one hour.

You have not experienced crazy driving until you drive in Egypt. We passed through Cairo, then on to Giza, our destination, the Mena House.

There are few street lights, cars just toot their horns quickly and proceed on without looking, cars stop on highways to let people on and off, pedestrians walk out into the main streets and tempt drivers, drivers ignore traffic cops, cars are generally small, people jump onto buses through the back doors when passengers get off, really wild stuff.

Coming from New York City, it was interesting to stop to allow a horse and cart, or flock of sheep, to pass by.

Irene was fascinated by the women who walked along balancing huge baskets of food on their heads.

The mosques were also impressive, the sounds of praying coming through loud speakers.

The driver explained to us about Ramadan, the time of fasting, no smoking (Egyptian men are big smokers), no water to drink, no food, or sex, from sunrise until sundown. Many people stop what they are doing for a few minutes, several times a day, to pray. Every day at 5 PM the people eat their first meal of the day, Breakfast.

The Mena House Oberoi

Virtual Tour

The Tree of Life

Something made me stand in this position near this tree.
When posting the photo, I found the Garden of Eden photo.

Ellie, The Tree of Life

Hathor and the Tree of Life

Hathor, and the Tree of Life

The View From My Terrace

The Great Pyramid was so close I could almost touch it.

The Full Moon illuminated the night sky with a great view of the
Belt Stars of Orion
aligned to the 3 main pyramids on the Giza Plateau.

From this angle I could see the camels, tourists, and security guards

The Balcony of the next room

The City of Giza

Irene and I planning our adventures

Once settled in the Mena House, Irene and I had dinner, after which we were met by a local man named Fergany who would be our guide and friend on part of our journey. Fergany's family dates back thousands of years to this region. He has climbed the Great Pyramid many times and sleeps both on the top and in the King's chamber.

It is within the King's Chamber that on three separate occasion, the spirit of an old thin man, with a white beard, comes to talk to him. Fergany considers the man his spirit guide. Fergany links with the energies of Cheops and often sees himself flying around the pyramid as if its protector. He has the ability to step from this lifetime to one of his others. He also has clairvoyant dreams and enjoys doing healing and energy work.

Fergany took us to his cousin's home, a four-story place with rooms that are used to teach metaphysics and rooms for visiting tourists who wish to remain in Giza at a very cheap rate, $30 a day I believe. You do have to watch the tour guides there as everyone is after your money. It's like one big game, just as you see it in the movies.

From Fergany's cousin's home one can watch the night 'light show' at the Sphinx and Pyramids. To our surprise the show, which is given in 4 languages, was being given in German when we arrived. The energy of Germany permeated the trip.

The light show is really beautiful.

Fergany's cousin sells essence and gave us each a bottle of choice as a gift. I chose vanilla, though I never work with essence. These are supposedly the strongest essences, made from the same plants that date back to the ancient Egyptians. This is supposed to be powerful stuff. Irene used her essence to relieve a migraine headache.

Fergany also has a home that faces the sphinx and pyramids. The images at the top of this page were taken on his rooftop. Fergany works with a man named Asher! Remember the named Asher came up in June during my friend Steve's reading about my trip!?

After the light show and other metaphysical conversation we were driven back to the hotel, through bumpy streets that wind, I am not sure how any of these vehicles maintain a suspension system, passing old stone homes, animals, and local people sitting on the sidewalks smoking hashish through some sort of pipes.

Time to rest for the next day's journey to Abusir, Saqqara and Dahshur . . .