UFO's Over Brooklyn

September 20, 2013

Telepathically calling ET's - then feeling guided to watch for UFO's in a specific area - has been part of the UFO phenomenon for decades - perhaps centuries. If you have night vision glasses you might see ships in space, but most people want to see them up close and personal.

My friend and neighbor, long time UFO researcher and experiencer, Harold Egeln from Bay Ridge, posted the following today. He mentions the 69th street pier the location of a July 2013 set of blogs about temporal distortions. I still maintain that without direct ET contact, the rest could be anything. As things collide and collapse, the answers may come ... along with the aliens ... or not. Having seen a triangular ship pass just in front of my windows 10 years ago, I would tend to go with government ships not aliens. Was that really 10 years ago? Seems like yesterday.

Harold's email

If UFO experiencers call to them - aliens may just show up. During a Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind attempt (a deliberate method to attract UFOs) in southwest Brooklyn, three multi-witnessed UFO sightings over Bay Ridge were made on the night of August 25, 2013, roughly between 8 and 11 p.m.. The sightings occurred over the public American Veterans Memorial 69th Street Pier jetting into the Narrows by Upper New York Harbor during the starless evening.

Of the teams' first intentional attempt at UFO contact, a witness, who is an experiencer as was another, reported: "I saw three crafts! Astounding. Stunning. I honestly did not expect it. The main UFO was an equilateral triangular craft. Nobody else noted it, because the triangle was only visible with binoculars, which only two of us had. It was huge and stayed with us for nearly three hours."

When first spotted, the triangular UFO moved from the northeast towards them in a southwesterly direction, moving very slowly, and then hovered for over two hours above the pier, the CE-5 report stated. Through her binoculars, the report's author, a clinician since the 1970s, wrote, that at first glance the object looked "like a huge firefly, zipping around in one place in this wild, staccato manner."

She wondered if it was her binoculars shaking, but then, she wrote: "It stopped fluttering about and stood still." During that sighting, two more UFOs appeared, one "trapezoidal-ish shaped" with one bright lead point light and four dimmer lights, her report explained. The third UFO was then spotted. "This other craft, which was more like a rod, had a brighter light at one end and a dimmer light at the other end." These two UFOs remained steady over the pier for about two hours, hovering with the triangular UFO. "They moved as a unit," noted the report's author, who received her psychological training at a time when the influences of Carl Rogers and Carl Jung were still big in education. "I was taught (back then) that just because I can't see the 'pink elephant,' it doesn't mean it wasn't there," she wrote. "I don't claim to understand this 'pink elephant' (the UFO sightings), but this time I most definitely saw it. It was real. The UFOs were real."

The last such triangular UFO sighting report to S.P.A.C.E. was in mid-June when a late night witness, unable to sleep and stepping outside at 3 a.m., unexpectedly spotted a triangle structured skycraft with white lights at its three corners moving slowly and silently above her building in Westchester County. It was a few days before the seventh annual S.P.A.C.E. picnic at a nearby park on the Hudson River shore.

The UFO sightings report of August 25 in Bay Ridge is very intriguing and curious. If this was what it seems, it suggests that their CE-5 episode was a willful communication from the UFO occupants and a meaningful response for the experiencers. Thus, this incident adds to our knowledge of how UFO occupants appear to acknowledge our intentions.

Prime witnesses of the August 25, 2013 Bay Ridge UFO sightings - also had additional sightings on the way to and around upstate Hunter Mountain on Sept. 6, 7 and 8. Coincidently that was the weekend of the Experiencers Speak Alien Abduction Conference in Maine. Photos were taken and illustrations drawn of the mysterious activity that including rotating color lights around a sphere, streaks of light beams and late night electrical anomalies felt and witnessed. More details to follow.

There have been several reported UFO sightings over Bay Ridge and the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge over the years that I am aware, and probably a lot more that went unreported. In the late 1990s I witnessed a fast-moving lighted "cloud" moving north against the wind over the Narrows during daylight.

In September 1995 witnesses outside a Third Avenue beauty salon in Bay Ridge at 4 p.m. saw two sets of bright white lights in triangular formations over Coney Island where 1950 folksinger Woody Guthrie, at his Mermaid Avenue home, composed the song "My Flying Saucer" in 1950. Guthrie sang lyrics asking when his saucer would come.

I lived on Surf Avenue at that time ... which runs parallel to Mermaid Avenue.

In 1954 I had a close encounter of the Third Kind.

Billy Bragg - "My Flying Saucer"

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