Turning 40 in 2004

In 2003 I wrote a blog about the souls who were born in 1962 and 1963 who were then turning 40 and searching. Life, at each stage, is about finding what is important and trying to create balance for oneself and those they interact with. We are discovering how dysfunctional many souls are based on their genetic code.

At age 40 many souls simple 'crash' and drop out one way or another.

Age 40 has always been a pivotal time for people in terms of relationships, careers, goals and dreams. In a world that is spiritual evolving, people want to work at a job they are passionate about. Thanks to investments, savings, inheritance, winnings, selling their homes and living off the profits, disability benefits and other things that create income, many chose not to work, take up create pursuits, and look at their life to evaluate who they are and what they are about.

At 40 a failed business or career, especially for someone with no educational background, can leave them with no income. Many people run family businesses that sell or dissolve when they hit 40 leaving them with no way to earn a living as they have no skills, education, or place to apply for work.

At 40, people with the opportunity often change careers and return to school, to do something different. In our reality, most people who are young will change careers many times in their lifetime, so be prepared. Most 40 years old are part of the ever changing computer world where gaining new skills is important.

Physically, at 40, there may be a need to be healthy after a period of neglect. As things may begin to sag a bit, plastic surgery can be another option. In some cases there is a complete makeover.

More than taking care of the physical body, one often looks at their emotional scale - mental health issues and substance abuse or other addictive patterns that need to be removed. To heal the physical body, one must heal the emotional. This can go from interventions, to medication, but it always starts with a person realizing they are out of control and 40 years old is time to face the facts. You can't heal if you are in denial. Think about who you are hurting besides yourself.

Spirituality: In the 21st century, the quest for change often takes our 40 year old on a spiritual journey. There are endless avenues along the way which include books, sacred trips, classes, yoga, CD's...whatever the soul attracts by synchronicity. That is the secret.

Romance at 40: The quest to find The One is often rekindled as works on them self and seeks a functional relationship. To become open and consciousness at 40 is to seek a partner of like mind, not a wounded soul, as that takes the person back to that which they have just overcome. Many people seek love through affairs, the transition person, Internet affairs in chat rooms or the like. By 40 one has hopefully made the choice to end a bad relationship or take it to another place. Our motto: "Either it works or it doesn't."

At 40, any way you cut it, you are not old and you will seek passion on all levels. You should know what type of relationship works for you, and as you attract partners be able to examine the issues and decided if you want to replay old patterns, have a passionate passing romance, or is this person going to be there for you. Can you be alone? Do you feel cheated?

40 is the age women must seriously look at whether or not they will have a child, if they have not had one. If they plan a child in their 40's, do they want to have a teenager when they are in their 60's?

Single people may have to face the facts that they may have to live their lives alone.

Life is not easy, but at 40, it is time to make it easier and more fun.

Enjoy your 40th.

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