Humanity, as a race, is going through a major transition at this time. This results in changes both physical, emotional and spiritual.

Often when we are making these changes, we attract someone to help us through this phase of our experience here. I call this person the Transition Person.

Usually this person does not remain in our lives, or live up to fantasies we may have created about them, but they do serve a purpose in help us move on and into new space.

The Transition Person can be a friend, lover, or both, but the most important thing is they are there for you.

Here is an example... You are in a bad marriage or relationship. You know you need to move on, but as with most people you don't want to move forward until someone new has come into your life. Many people hate living alone. Remember that in most separations - one partner has found someone new while the other is betrayed and wounded.

Enter the Transition Person. That person is someone you have attracted to help you move on. Now comes the sticky part Often you think you have attracted that person as your life long soul mate. Wrong! Usually that is not the case. That person lives out whatever karma they have to help you move on, then moves out of your life. Your soul is confused. But you have to understand their role in your life and accept it, allowing time for your soul to heal from the other issues.

Always keep this in mind when dealing with any relationship - either both of you want the relationship - or you don't! That's it. If one of you is ambivalent, it will end. Don't push the energies.

If you are waiting for the Transition Person to return, forget about it! If that person was suppose to be in your life they would be there.

You and your partner or ex-partner are

either on the 'same page' or you are not!

The Transition Person can also be there to help you when you relocate as your soul tells you a move is needed. Most people move to places where they know other people, if moving alone. The Transition Person can be that person, but may move out of your life after helping you relocate. The karma is over. You are on your own. That is what this game is about anyway!

We all attract Transition People at one time or another. They just seem to show up in our lives as if by synchronicity. With this person - watch your heart and do not fall in love easily. Most likely you will get hurt.

In Metaphysics the Transition Person is the one who helps you 'wake up' to the greater reality of the universe and to healing whatever issues you have been dealing with. This too is a person you can get very friendly with, but beware, do not fall in love as now you are dealing not just be 3D stuff but with spiritual as well. Falling in love with a metaphysical partner then loosing them, can be the most destructive of all especially as you are building a new YOU. You can become way to co-depending on Transitional People at that time as healers, teachers, etc.

Years ago, when I got involved in metaphysics I learned how quickly people in this field become lovers, which is not my pattern. They meet, begin a transition, spend time together, quickly feel they are in love. As metaphysics is an ongoing journey into awareness, one partner soon moves on.

An author I met in the 1990's told me he had many lovers. I was not attracted to him - his frequency way too low for me. He told me that metaphysical people are free spirits who experience many people, places, and things. In a way he was right as humans are not created to be monogamous. That is a social condition, but there are variations on all themes, as karmic bonds can create long relationships.

If you are ready to make change in your life, look for the Transition Person you will now bring in for you to experience with. They can be fun. You really can enjoy the time if you don't allow yourself to get too co-dependent on them and allow them to move on when one or both of you are ready.

Honor what you and the Transition Person have shared,

then move on.

The Interim Lover

You wish to end a bad relationship with a spouse or lover. You have put up with all sorts of abuse and unhappiness but have stayed with that person because:

Enter the Interim Lover! You sense the karma between you the moment you meet and have a strong sexual attraction. That person has everything your partner lacks and most of all understands you. The connection is strong. You think about this person constantly and they feel the connection as if you tune into each other's thoughts. The passion grows.

Sometimes this can become an obsessive pattern. You call, email, make plans, laugh, share your lives, have great sex! You finally leave your first relationship as it no longer works for what you think is 'happily ever after' with the new partner. With all of the "perfect ingredients" you think nothing but blissful thoughts. You never stop to think that the universe has brought this person into your life just to help you get away from the first partner.

Suddenly the "bubble is burst" for any number of reasons, signifying that this was not meant to last. The fantasy stops. Reality Check. Old issues of abandonment surface.

You question what went wrong and why. You must now come to an understanding why that person came into your life in the first place, how they helped you grow, experience, and why it became time to move on. Yes, life is a series of disappointments, but why you? Why have you lost once again in love? Why do you attract the wrong people? Is it out of need to mirror your own issues and thus work the through? Were both partners dysfunctional?

You must now seek your personal power and continue the journey that was given to you when you first attracted the Interim Lover. How have you grown from the experience? Are you upset because you did not get what you want or expected? How long did you really feel the Interim Lover could maintain this experience while dealing with their own issues? Can you get past the anger? Doesn't everybody after a period of time? After a bad relationship ends you must find out who you have become and what you have learned. You are not the same person you were when you first started the initial relationship. You have grown in both relationships and reality now takes on a new frequency for you.

If you feel you need professional help from a therapist, seek this out. Spiritual counselors can also give guidance, as can a good psychic reading. Friends and family may help, if you are willing to listen.

You wonder about the fantasy about eternal love and romance and whether it will ever find you. You may feel alone and depressed. This is better than giving your personal power away. Use Positive Affirmations to grow stronger.

Please do not return to your original partner in desperation or out of fear of being alone.

Being alone is a time of growth. You do not have to feel lonely. This is your journey ... use it wisely.