Tornado in Bay Ridge, August 8, 2007


This is all meant to be ... or it wouldn't be happening.

Wednesday 8/8/07

Ellie reporting from OZ ...

I live in Bay Ridge, the scene of an unexplained and unexpected tornado that touched down here in Brooklyn today. Prior to waking up this morning, I saw flashes of lightning and heard rolls of thunder that stirred me to wakefulness.

At 7:45 AM, my friend Ron called on his way to work, driving along Route 280 in NJ, and wondering if I was safe and had witnessed the tornado that would strangle the city as it so strongly affected transportation in the Tri-State area, which of course goes to business at large. As Ron and I spoke, he passed 4 multiple car accidents after which Route 280 was closed in his area, therefore he never made it to the city, along with others stranded everywhere.

This storm was not predicted by any weather service, making it a real puzzle and definitely a grid insert! Could this reflect the closing of the program - Aquarius ... sudden event out of the blue swirling everything back into consciousness?

In the evening, when discussing the tornado with my friend George, I referred to it as an ancient flood ... freudian slip (?) ... flood stories.

The tornado set down on 68th Street between Fourth & Fifth Avenues.

My friend, Pat's daughter and son-in-law live on this block.

Luckily their home and car escaped damage.

Others were not as lucky.

A tree grew in Brooklyn.

Get used to things unpredictable. The tectonic plates are cracked among other things and recycling, as I keep writing. Will there be 5 more years before shutdown? Let your soul be your barometer. It's becoming a guessing game as to which volcano will blow first ... Yellowstone? Popo? Etna? US Pacific coastal area? I think it's Popo because Mexico: In Surprise, Major Earthquake Fault Slips Backward Live Science - August 2, 2007 -- A vast chunk of Earth sliding under Mexico has surprisingly reversed direction.

The Great Day of His Wrath
This is an 1853 oil-on-canvas painting by English artist John Martin. It depicts what is presumably the end of the world, or the apocalypse. The particular scene portrayed in the piece reflects a portion is based on Revelation 6:12-17 in the Bible, which vividly describes the end of the world.

More shifting plates, metaphors and consciousness on 8/8

Powerful 7.5 quake strikes Indonesia BBC - August 8, 2007

Record-Breaking Weather Pounds Planet National Geographic - August 8, 2007

Largest-known planet befuddles scientists MSNBC - August 8, 2007

The largest planet ever discovered is also one of the strangest and theoretically should not even exist, scientists say.
Largest Known Planet Found, Has Density of Cork National Geographic - August 8, 2007

Colossal Four-Galaxy Collision Discovered National Geographic - August 8, 2007

Four gigantic galaxies have been seen crashing into one another in one of the biggest cosmic collisions ever seen.

Friday August 10, 2007 ... I woke up this morning still trying to find a greater connection with the tornado, unable to shake the feeling I had missed something important. I had already figured out the basic metaphors linked to me living in OZ, Z as the Wizard with his messages and the weird grids I have been observing and reporting since August 3. There was Z waiting for me to return to physical reality to discuss the missing element.

Dialogue with Z as he sat on my bed.

"Where did the tornado touch down in Brooklyn?" Z asked.

"68th Street between 4th and 5th Avenues," I replied.

"Where do you live?" he continued.

"101 Street and 4th Avenue!" I said, recognizing the significance of the number 4 but apparently dense to where he was going.

"Now", Z continued... "How many blocks away is that?"

I counted on my fingers ... twice. "33 blocks!" I shouted, the epiphany in place.

33 (6) is a master number linked to the Freemasons ... the Masonic Program in which we are virtually experiencing, wrapping it all up in NYC, not far from Ground Zero. Related files -- 33 degrees and sacred geometry, spiraling consciousness symbology. Freemasons in Oz on an 8/8 day, in Leo, Crystalinks' Mission Statement The Lion will roar ....

Nostradamus, in his lost book often depicts the lion and the new (8th) cycle which begins as the end of the 7th cycle which is now. His seventh month reference goes to the 7th cycle and July (July 4th, Cancer, water symbology, 69, balance, above and below, Masonic Program). Century X (10=1) Quatrain 72 (9) "The year 1999, seventh month, (1999 translates to 1 or new beginnings + 7 = 8 which to Nostradamaus is the start of the next cycle). From the sky will come a great King of Terror (9/11) .... "

Nostradamus also included 7 images with ribbons in his 'lost manuscript.'

The ribbons are the film strips of projected illusion in the Masonic Program.
The Illuminati / Freemason Signature

Fallen old trees destroying vehicles is symbology of the old program ending ...
MSNBC news "the largest planet ever discovered is one of the strangest and theoretically should not even exist - dubbed TrES-4" (does that mean trees minus time?) The planet is about 1.7 times the size of Jupiter, (17=8)

Early freemasonry in the US dated from 1733-1799 (66 years)


The NY Post mentions 118 years - [118 = 10 = 1 = new beginnings.] Also we have 11 as a trigger code for DNA 11:11] and 8 as infinity (or the next program)
Element 118 aka Ununoctium is the superheavy element currently the highest atomic number assigned to a reputedly discovered element.
NY Times; Element 118
Element 118 and its immediate decay product, element 116, were discovered at Berkeley Lab's 88-Inch Cyclotron by bombarding targets of lead with an intense beam of high-energy krypton ions.

On August 8, 11/8 in the UK, time stopped ...

Big Ben silenced for repair work
BBC - 11 August, 2007.
The work is carried out every five years, which takes us to 2012
when time stops again! Tick Tock!
Love the Spiderweb Effect in the Center and 12:00 references!

The world famous bongs of London's Big Ben fell silent this morning. Maintenance and cleaning work to the Westminster clock means the chimes will not be heard until September. It includes the replacement of the bearings that sound the chimes on the hour and every quarter of an hour. The work is carried out every five years.

The clock will continue to tell the time, but its hands are being stopped for several hours so an alternative system can be installed. The last bongs were heard at 0800 BST on Saturday morning. A team of specialist industrial rope access technicians abseiled down the south clock face an hour later. They began the task of cleaning and repairing the four faces of the clock seen by so many as a symbol of central London. This latest work is the final phase of a programme of planned works preparing what is officially known as the Great Clock for its 150th anniversary in two years' time.

The clock earns its nickname from the 13.5 tonne bell that rings out the famous chimes. It is named after Sir Benjamin Hall, the man who was Commissioner of Works when the bell was first installed in 1859. The clock has been stopped accidentally over the years by weather, workmen, breakages and even birds, but technicians have always been able to get it going again.

Clock Tower, Palace of Westminster

Celestial Connections

On August 11, 2007 -- 8/11 or 11/8 - we find this file from NASA

Cosmic Tornado HH49/50

Somewhere over the spiraling rainbow ...


Sarah and Alexander

The Alchemy of Time