Toni, The White Horse, The Shining Ones

May 4, 2006

We are spiraling 'back to the future', the beginning, creation, a review of the program flashing before us on the 'silver alchemy screen' of reality, events in the Middle East, events in our lives, the 'crossing over' moment when all is reviewed in the hologram of reality, in a nanosecond of time, called the NOW in which we experience the program of our reality.

2006 is my 9 year. Friends from my past are returning to my life after many years, one of them is Toni. I raised my children in an area of Brooklyn, on the water, called Manhattan Beach. Toni was a close friend, with shared interests in metaphysical subjects. Her heritage is Apache Indian. Toni was gorgeous, a priestess-like woman with a pure soul who lived 2 blocks away. We spend many hours engaging in metaphysical activities, as she would be one of the people along my journey into awareness who would activate my DNA and conscious memories. She was there when I wrote the first draft of my book Sarah and Alexander.

Alas I moved to Bay Ridge, 16 years ago, and we drifted apart, as friends often do, only to find themselves later as souls seek to rekindle the flame that ignited their friendship in the first place.

Back in the old days, my friendship with Toni lead me to understand the type of female friend I am drawn to: beautiful, smart, creative, brunette with long hair, large eyes, average built, strong, not stuck in issues that get in the way, evolved and open, and above all else, humorous and fun to be with.

This past Sunday, I received an email from Toni who had moved out west 2 years ago to find her roots. She found me through Crystalinks. The email resulted in a phone call in which we spent 3 hours catching up on events in our lives and the universe in general. It was like we never skipped a beat. Tony recounted a reading I gave her 16 years ago in which I predicted the destiny she has taken. She has found her native American heritage, a wonderful man to share her spiritual journey, and more. Toni shared some photos with me that we she thought you might enjoy.

May 2005, New Mexico

Tony was guided to stand in what is considered a powerful vortex.

Tony was most impressed with this photo as the crosses only appear in this picture not others taken at the same time. She reported that there were no crosses on top of the mountain nor people in the area. As Toni was explaining about the crosses, my focus was on the white 'figures' that at the bottom of the photo that immediately had caught my attention. Who are they? I wondered. ... Of course ... My mind made the connection! The Shining Ones. Stirring my soul further, these entities had the same frequency signature as the 2 entities I met in April 1954 in my Nevada desert UFO encounter. Toni has always be a catalyst for me, today being no exception. She had never heard of the Shining Ones so I cropped her image and sent her the missing links.

Mountain, cave, the mind, consciousness, duality, creation
god and goddess coming out of the Great Pyramid in the beginning...

The Shining Ones

The cropped image was trying to connect something else for me.
The 'Aha' moment! It was the Great Pyramid and Gatenbrink's Door!!

One more image of note, the 2 white rectangles at the bottom of the photo