Temporal Anomalies With Mallory

May 2004

I read a client named Mallory who I have known since the 1980's. We have become friends through the years. She has also attended several of my workshops. When she and I get together, mystical things always happen. You may recall that Mallory came to class in this apartment when it was empty back in 1991. She told me that Z said I must take this apartment. It had waited for me for 9 months and it was time.

Tuesday, Mallory returned for another reading. Like myself, she experiences temporal anomalies, time is out of phase, it skips or loops. There's lots of experiences of that kind, going on lately, for many people.

Mallory and I shared stories about loops in time and other paranormal occurrences we have had recently. Here are two of her experiences....

Story 1... Mallory owns an elegant beauty salon on the upper east side of Manhattan, East 79 Street, called One 2 One. She is a professional make-up artist who works with celebrities and the rich and famous. She lives in Brooklyn, oddly, just a block away from my friend Pat. It's a small planet.

On Sunday morning Mallory did the make-up for a wedding party. As she was driving home, she stopped at a red light and she saw a client named Barbara crossing the street. She was too far away to call out to Barbara. She remembers Barbara looking as if deep in thought, as she walked across the street.

A few days later, Barbara came into Mallory's salon. Mallory mentioned having seen her on Sunday morning. Barbara looked at her strangely and said that she was not on East 79th Street that morning, but was attending a Bar Mitzvah at that time on East 87th Street.

Mallory described Barbara's outfit in vivid detail, right down to her coat, shoes and unique purse. It was exactly what Barbara wore to the Bar Mitzvah, but she was in another place, and was not alone, but walked there with her husband. Curious...

Story 2...There is family that lives on the top 3 floors of the brownstone where Mallory has her salon. She rents the main floor with use of the outdoor garden area. Mallory is friendly with the husband, wife and youngest daughter who live above her. [You wouldn't believe the rent...$25,000 a month!] Mallory had never met the oldest daughter who married and moved away before Mallory set up her salon. One day recently, Mallory saw the husband walking arm in arm romantically with a woman who looked exactly like his wife, just a younger version. They did not see her as she was driving and did not stop to talk. Mallory assumed it was the man's oldest daughter as she looked exactly like the wife. Shortly after that, she met the man in the street, walking with a woman, who he introduced as his oldest daughter. It was not the woman Mallory had seen him with.

We know reality is projected illusion, that can change. How does this occur?

Did Mallory travel in time and see the man and his wife approximately 30 years ago? Yet only she was younger, not him. It was not another woman as he has 'come out' and is gay. It was his wife.

Do the projections of realities often overlap? Yes!

Are some people aware than others, based on their higher frequency? Yes!

At the time of 911, many of the survivors, old about experiences where they walked past people who did not see or respond to them, realities overlapped. One lady walked past a fireman covered in soot, who ignored. In what seemed like a minute later, as she continued to run towards the water, she passed him again, but he was clean. Again he ignored her. It was a time of mass confusion, but through it, the master grid warped as did reality, for them and for us, especially those who witnessed the events in person. Isn't it interesting that Pat recently saw the Twin Towers, superimposed over the towers/sides of the Verrazano Bridge...

It would appear that the projections are becoming less transparent and more apparent. We can expect more.