The Metaphysical Experience, The Way We Were

We are having a Metaphysical Experience.

Chinatown, New York City, January 22, 2004, My friends Iris and Tom are preparing for the Chinese New Year on January 22, 2004, The Year of the Wood Monkey. Tom and I go back a long way.... He produced my weekly TV show "The Metaphysical Experience" in the 1990's. As I spoke with Tom, my white pigeons returned, flying back and forth outside my windows. A white feather slowly glided before me in a sweeping motion landing on the railing where 5 inches of snow had fallen. The feather remained stuck to the railing while I spoke to Tom, but blew away before I could photograph it, ascension of consciousness frozen in time, now rising and flying free.

You can never go back....

I considered producing new shows as the pull of media grows stronger. I spoke to my daughter, Nikki about it, as she works for Sci-Fi, USA, NBC. A metaphysical talk show, or a call-in psychic show, seems to be The Way We Were... not The Way Will Be Now as humanity moves forward. Everything is on the Internet or has been produced for TV. John Edward's Show has been cancelled. Reality TV, that programmed grid, will do a slow fade, though some producers are still developing ideas for reality series.

So what's next? The True Reality?

Radio pulls now. Gordon-Michael Scallion and I are 'the way we were', laughing and playing on the phone about the way we understood the nature of the game so many years ago, and how human consciousness is finally catching up. He will be doing a radio show beginning in March and I will be part of some of the segments. It's all about moving consciousness. There is not much else left to do.

I had dinner with two friends, Pat and Esther, to discuss media. As my friends and I entered my dining room, the picture of Tom, Z and I, that hangs on the wall, fell to the floor before us. We all believe that it was as sign, from the messenger, the bird is the messenger, Thoth is the bird, the Ibis headed scribe, Hermes, Tehuti in Atlantis, Z in our reality.

The Way We Were....Ellie and Z, Union and Reunion, Wedding, Female/Male
Legs and feet=sole and soul connections
Z created his leg in white on the right, My leg is on the left

"TV or not TV? That is the question." Z also played the role of Shakespeare ...who was Saint Germain. Kudos! Is this Z's year? The Year of the Wood [Earth] Monkey? Thoth as the Baboon? Was he referring to evolution of humanity now moving on? Was he referring to the Trickster? Thoth was a Master Magician, Magic, Magnetics, Hermes, the Trickster , and so forth.


Solar Disc and Ankh=Key, Monkey, Monk+key

Thoth was sometimes depicted as a seated baboon-headed dog.
Thoth Glyphs
Thoth and the Monkey Glyph

The Way We Were...

Do You Remember The Way We Were?

Was This Humanity?

2004=[2+0+0+4]= 6, The Family Tree, Activating DNA

Sarah and Alexander

In the year 2012, Sarah Manning races against time to fulfill a prophecy set in motion by her ancient ancestors, the Guardians of the Seed. Connected to the ancient mystery schools, this epoch adventure, spanning 72 years, and crossing 3 continents, explains the foundations of reality, and the prophecies of time. In essence, the story of "Sarah and Alexander" is the esoteric history of the human race. The protagonist's struggle to pry open her family's dark secrets is also humanity's struggle to uncover its hidden past. This tale, written hard against the backbone of history, is awash with mythic overtones and replete with revelations of mystical realities. Journey with Sarah to unlock many of your own truths. The screenplay adaption of the book, titled "2012, The Alchemy of Time" is waiting to be discovered by the right producer.