Taurus ... A Time For Change

April 20, 2008

The most significant time of the year for change is always the Virgo Window ... you can make book on it, or write a book on it as everyone has their story to tell.

We now come to another Earth Sign, Taurus, the second harbinger of change. Taurus is ruled by Venus.

The door opens (or closes as the case may be) April 24-27 as unhappy souls seek something new and more meaningful. Thus this becomes a major time for relationships to end. Fear ... tears ... medication ... meditation ... anger ... rejection ... self recrimination ... sabotage ... revenge ... Reiki ... therapists ... psychics ... whatever you're programmed to experience to move on.

In this window, souls guide, mind over emotion. If you feel your soul stirring now, perhaps you should address your issues - (did I use that word again?) - and what you sense is coming, so it doesn't sweep over you like a giant tsunami.

(Checking the word Issue in the thesaurus; what's that word second from the bottom? Maybe I best move to the Dictionary ... Interesting definitions.)

If ending a relationship, or starting one that doesn't feel quite right, ask this question, "Is the person worth giving up my freedom for?"

You may have concluded that you have to remain in a bad relationship, living with the same old issues (whoops... there I go again, the thesaurus says I can substitute the word ass), as you preach about how evolved you have become this year, or you can't wait for the program to end, etc. Shift your grid consciousness now or the program will kick your ass and shift it for you!

I know what many of you are thinking - it's all just a game and how you are programmed to play. Step out of the box and watch from the sidelines.

Feel the Taurus energies, but don't be stubborn.


Let's leave your real world for a minute and talk fantasy, play, and flirtations at the office (work place). Flirting is all part of the game, from the people you meet, to those you work with. Many people have fun flirting, which for some leads to sexual fantasies, okay if they are harmless and not obsessive.

Coworkers are often like 'partners without benefits'. Time spent together each day sets up an interesting dynamic that goes to work and sometimes to play.

In today's busy world, flirting is perhaps one of the more interesting ways to take the boredom out of the work place, as it raise frequency, among other things. Young professionals spend more time at the office than at home so in a way office flirting is the way of seeking their potential partners within their contiguous milieu.

Suggestive smiles, coy looks, unintentional touches, say a lot with the least amount of words to thrill the other person which suits almost any and every backdrop.

Often the person doing the flirting, dresses for the part and puts energy into meeting the other person. On some level it's an awareness thing, trying to sort out what the other person is thinking, as if a game.

For the analytical types, the game becomes, "What is that person thinking? How serious do they want to get?" Their questions become endless.

Compulsive, or lonely people, will take the energy and try to transform it into a lifetime relationship before it even gets off the ground. Slow down ... it's just flirting, usually casual and just for fun.

If the person is married, let it go.

Be practical. Don't fantasize. Be careful. 'Work' and 'play' generally don't go well as partners.

Most attractive, self-confident people flirt, harmlessly and subtly.

I have always been told that I am a flirt, capturing a man's eye, but in no way insinuating I want more. For me it's all about the energies, telepathic and grid connections, games on a higher level of connection, the way you walk and carry yourself, looking and feeling great, throw in some eye contact and let the fun begin. As with dating, I flirt when the man is in my frequency and it is fun. If it's not fun, don't bother. Kill the dramas.

People are, where they need to be, to experience at this nanosecond of their huge grid of experiences.

When not flirting, your grid shifts making no connections. When flirting, your grids connect and all sort of information flows between you on many levels, that is in itself a high, a rush. This results in the synchronicities you and that person set up.

It's always about the eyes. Dot the 'i's and cross the 't's and you have flirting by text message or email. IM ... I am flirting! Fun ... but be sure to delete as needed.

Love and connection, having a partner to compliment your life, is a goal most people have, and few find as a lifetime commitment. Partners move in and out of most people's lives along with the changes and messages that are guiding them into awareness.

Sex rules ... everywhere ... home ... office ... the internet ... wherever. P>

Love at the Green Tea and Filtered Water Dispenser

by Ron who works in corporate America