Super Bowl XLVI

Super Bowl XLVI: New York Giants pip New England Patriots in epic  
BBC - February 6, 2012

In the energy of the Full Moon 18 (9) Leo ... the game began. At the start I wondered if I would be able to stay up until the end, but that was never a problem as the excitement built right from the start and the commercials were mostly entertaining - even the one about the Mayan apocalypse and the world ending in 2012. What an amazing game down to the last play. After the game there was shouting in the streets here in the city, the Empire State Building lit up in blue lights, and a ticker tape parade is scheduled for Tuesday in lower Manhattan where all energies converge.

So how did I know the Giants would go all the way since the season began? It all started when I had this lucid sequence dream - or was it - about the Sumerian gods visiting me. That was a major wake-up call and has remained with me since then. Those Gods, the Anunnaki, were called The Giants - who allegedly came to Earth to mate with the local women, grab a beer, and set up a few games. Isn't that what men still do?

As far back as I can remember I've watched football and Z has always been a Giant fan, though I never understood why spirit guides like football, but Z is no ordinary guide. After my divorce, I dated a man named Neal who had season tickets to the Giant games and we often went together. As we sat watching the game I could see Z and his 'tall friends' on the playing field and would know the next play before it happened, often jumping up and shouting as people looked at me strangely as the play hadn't as yet happened. Whoops ! I would sit down embarrassed, though Neal knew what was going on. For many years I would see the same image of the Giants and Giants on the field and said nothing except to a few close friends - as others would say I was crazy. Like the Observers on Fringe, they did not come to change the outcome - only to watch - and we would laugh.

Segue to this season and the Giants. The input of extraterrestrial presence has grown stronger for me especially as the program comes to closure. The creators, aliens, whatever you name them, are indeed back, as we are in the final seconds and await the surprise ending ... much like that from Eli Manning on Sunday. People have laughed as Eli reminds them of Ellie and Manning is the named of Sarah's family in my book Sarah and Alexander wherein the programs ends on July 4-5, 2012. So now Z was back with his friends "coaching" from the sidelines and telling me and my Earth bound friends that the Giants will win Superbowl. Game advantage ... Z and his friends can time travel.

And so it came to pass in the land where Giants roam free
and others return to finish what they started in the beginning.

Enjoy ... The game is over and the Giants are going home.

Great Halftime Show

The themes took us from ancient timelines and myths to modern day.

I love Madonna but compared to the younger performers, she shows her age.

As to Cee Lo Green in his sparkling choir robes, fun and reminded me of a wizard.

The obscene finger gesture is at 7:47.