Summer Romances

In the world of love and romance, expect the usual summer flings, most short lived, so watch you heart. We dress lightly in the summer - more 'show and tell' on all levels that excite the body, mind and soul.

Clients tell me that they have meet someone who is special, feeling a soul connection, have similar interests and great conversation, yet one of the partners loses interests and moves on, either because they don't want responsibility and commitment, they meet another, or other reasons in modern society that cause relationships to end. Feeling a soul connection makes relationships more intriguing, but looking at the psychological and social ramifications of each person's life is more important.

Today we discover that the concept of 'Life Partner' is few and far between, as couples split after completing that which they came together to do - chapters in our lives.

For younger generations - gone are the days of people from my generation and older who were afraid to be alone in their old days.

It's all evolving - who you are, what you want to make you happy, how long a marriage or living together will last, and how much you value your freedom of choice.

We still exist 3D (Drama central) - so while we are here, busily work on ourselves to remember we are projected illusion, never forget that the program is more about pain and loss than happily-ever-afters. Go out and have fun this summer, realize who you are attracting and why, then experience. Look at your life and issues and who you attract to know what you really want to experience.

If you feel you date losers, you know it goes to self-esteem among other underlying emotions that ripple through your personal grid.

If you feel there is no one available, then so be it, but look at why you feel that way. Think outside the box and realize what is going down in your relationships, or lack of them, and accept it. It is all about experience and nothing more!

On the flip side, I know I am here to report about broken and dysfunctional relationships, and help comfort the wounded souls out there, but it is important to stress that there are many couples who are happy and remain in love through the years, understanding and overcoming life's obstacles.

These souls have a way of psychically moving energies so that as each adversity presents itself, it all turns out well. It's all about you vs. the program, like a virtual reality game, with different levels of challenges.

I can see the skilled players (souls) working on higher frequency grid experiences, as I teach others how to understand the way they move energies and their soul motivation, while doing a reading.

You don't need to be surrounded in white light or any other metaphysical mumbo jumbo. You have to understand that this is a program, how it works and play it from another level, after cleaning house.

The Secret is watching what you attract and why - coming into understanding and making changes in your grid patterns. It is not about manipulation of the grids for personal gain, as we see with various occult practices that backfire, but working the grids and timelines for a positive result.

Nothing is created at this level. We are projected illusion. Your soul works it from outside the box. Your personal grid acts like a magnet. Shift it and all changes. You can't do that by thinking it, but by knowing who you are emotionally and spiritual and getting professional help if needed.

If your grid template is programmed for higher frequency, the negative experiences will be instantly discarded as they come down the timelines for review. Watch from outside the box.

Those who are emotionally balanced, will create great relationships, the kind that grow and evolve through the years, while the opposite holds truth for those with personality disorders, substance abuse problems, and others who convince themselves they will settle down when the right person come along, yet really want freedom.

Know yourself, baby! Do you have time, energy, patience, etc. for a relationship? Do you just want fun and sex? Are you honest with yourself and partners?

Relationships are not easy. If you can find love and romance this summer, go for it. Travel, play, party, be romantic with each other. It's worth the risk, but pay attention to the needs of your partner or you will be disappointed in the fall ....

One more thing ... people are telling me that now more than ever they are using condoms. Wise choice!