Success 2008

January 2008

There are times in our lives when the things we do make us shine and the world applauds our efforts. There are other times that the little things we do go unrecognized yet we feel deep inside that we have accomplished something important and are proud of our achievements. Success sometimes appears easy, but it most often comes after hard work on all levels combined with a determination to reach a goal set by ourselves or something deep inside that needs attention and resolution.

Success sometimes happens against all odds, grid shifting being the key. One cannot shift their grid by meditation, prayer or otherwise, at this consciousness frequency. It goes to creation by the soul, which now includes the soul merging its multidimensional identities to create something more than you are.

Success sometimes springs from hope and higher creational energies ... Hopeful political candidates, after months of hard work, involving huge amounts of psychic energies and grid shifts, propel political primaries.

Success sometimes goes to a feeling you get when helping others in time of crisis, such as Earth changes that are magnifying and affect us all.

Success and the Home: Your true home is where your heart feels it belongs. It is not necessarily a building as much as a person or place that connects. Many wander the planet now to find their home, feeling the place they live, or the person they live with, is wrong. This could result from changes within them, or others factors sending one to quest for their soul's purpose. Many people are returning to the place they were born. Others are selling, or giving away things that were once of value and moving on to find out why they are here and experience something more... something in their soul that beckons them home.

Through it all ... success comes each year more as more souls come into personal awareness, heal, awaken consciousness, then remember that they came here to experience closure - a big bang, if you will - as they await the journey home.

For those experiencing a sort of 'quantum disconnectedness' - where at times you feel you are here, then again you're not - there are aspects of the grid, and your life, you will soon separate from. Success comes from detachment.

The Pen, The Story, Always Out of the Blue

The Final Chapter is Written by the Child.

Hello! My name is Matthew. I'm 4 years old (07/29/03)

and I live on planet Earth.

Today I made a story for my Grandma, Ellie.

Grandma lives near a magic bridge that crosses space and time

... where sometimes strange unexplained things happen.

There are many stars that watch over her

... sometimes even aliens, the friendly kind.

Rocket ships fly into the sky,

but can't see the aliens.

Some aliens look like dogs and come from a constellation

far away near the Big Dipper. I saw them at the planetarium.

There is a big sun with a squiggle in the middle.

It's a machine that sends messages to Earth.

Grandma can fly to the top of everything

and watch the fish swim in the water.

When Grandma goes far away, she wears something

on her head that creates magic and shapes.

This is the Eye

where Grandma really lives.

Hi Grandma!

FYI: Matthew knows nothing about the work I do nor my interests in metaphysical subjects. He created his story and related images, as guided, and mailed them to me. I scanned the images then called to thank him as he told me the story. The dog could refer to Sirius and the wavy lines, 'above and below' in the flow of the collective unconsciousness.