Crystalinks Super Stats - 2,907,155

Monday October 15, 2007

On an average morning in Brooklyn, I start my day at 6 AM with a quick look at the news and weather on TV, especially if Z tells me something important is happening. I enjoy my morning talks with Z when the city is quiet and the lights from the bridge silhouette the horizon. I check the grids from this level of consciousness ... so limited ... usually secure in the fact that all is going according to plan. Generally there is nothing earth shattering in the news, so I proceed on with my morning routines...

On to the computer to try and address the endless emails that flow in throughout an average day. That alone could take hours, but I have learned to prioritize and to successfully use the 'delete key' - as everyone wants answers - many too lazy to read the archives - some about personal matters - my time better spent with blogging and the other things I need to do.

Not much impresses me in the morning as I sit at the computer going through the usual motions of checking and updating the stats program first ... until today!

6:10 AM ... I did a double take when I looked at the stats -- a staggering 2,907,155 visitors to Crystalinks yesterday. This is more hits than on 9/11 when I reported the events from here as I witnessed the assault on the Twin Towers and gave first hand accounts in the aftermath.

Checking the details of Sunday's stats shocked me even more ... people are coming to Ellie's World ... the #1 file on Sunday. This really puts pressure on a girl ... and the sun isn't up yet ... the sun being the answer to where it is all going.

I hope this is a reflection that consciousness is creating awareness about the nature of our reality, how one should address their experience here, and where it is all going. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

There is something about my appearance on the History Channel on October 28 (Scorpio, the Egyptian Grid) that will add to this and it all feels well timed.

Last Friday I woke up knowing I was doing something very important on the other side, and was not full integrated in my Ellie Crystal consciousness. That feeling increased when I blogged about Nostradamus and my upcoming workshop. I believe it had to do with the manuscripts linking the bloodline and prophecy below. I wonder what the stats will be like after the two-hour special on the History Channel?

Time and Synchronicity .. one and the same.

Don't forget the ribbons, the 'fibons' and the film.

Ancient Astronauts and UFOs

Tuesday October 16, 2007

The stats remain high at 1,981,846. The #1 file for Monday was Vimanas. This is one of the original Crystalinks files, that always fascinates those who wonder about the ancient world grid programs and if they were visited and/or seeded by ancient astronauts. Historical records reflect that people experiencing in ancient Egypt and the Hindus Valley Civilizations were able to build and fly space ships.

It is said that Quetzalcoatl had a similar flying machine which could transverse the planet, descend into volcanoes, submerge beneath the water, fly into space, become invisible, and do other cool tricks. Think about it! (wink)

These inserts left signatures that would one day stimulate the quester - the archaeologist in us that seeks answers from the historical record. In truth, the answers lie dormant in your DNA code, coming into awareness as you dig for the truth.

Vimanas, Ancient Flying Vehicles