Star Trek Finale ... Computer End Program

The final episode of Star Trek Enterprise was nothing to write home / here about, especially as it was the finale of the Star Trek series, after 18 consecutive years on the air. (18=9=closures.) I could have come up with better endings for all of the Star Trek series as each did not support what faithful long-time viewers needed to feel a sense of completion. I have never been caught up in the dynamics of any of the crews so none of it mattered to me. But for those who really loved the characters, there were disappointments.

Q from the Continuum

Q ... Quintessence

The final episode of Star Trek Enterprise featured Jonathan Frakes' Star Trek Next Generation character Commander Riker as the episode's focal point, making the regulars little more than supporting players in their own swan song. It was a retro take on the "Star Trek" canon, set in a time before the Federation was created.

The show had a few redeeming moments that centered around the use of the holodeck (metaphor for our reality as a program created by a grid matrix) as a place we see characters interacting, or recreating scenarios, as a means to an end. Riker had a problem. We see him in the holodeck using in a program involving the Enterprise crew, set back in time, and how they handled a similar situation that lead to the formation of the Confederation. The main premise here is, watching the starting and stopping of the program as needed, also moving events in the program back or forwarded in time to learn. This is the premise of our reality.

Lt. Troi was the ship's psychologist as well as being an empath and intuitive. "Emotions have a way of contradicting themselves," Riker to Troi in the final episode.

The closing line on Star Trek, spoken by Jonathan Frakes (William Riker) to Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi) on the final show ever, brought home the greatest truth of our journey when he said ... Computer End Program!

All that was left were the grids ...

They walked through the door and then they were gone.

Spoken Truths ...

X-Files ... "The truth is out there."

Crystalinks ... "Humanity ... after its long trek in space ...
shall have its answers in the alchemy of time and consciousness."

Computer End Program

Our program ends 'on cue' (Q).