Stargate Meditation

The word Stargate conjures up images of portals to the unknown in the vast realms of endless places we can only dream and fantasize about.

The letters SG might also refer to Sacred Geometry - the spiraling movement of consciousness that acts as a doorway between realms of experience for the souls.

Reality is virtual, a hologram, Simulation, dream, illusion created in the algorithm of time to experience emotions.

Stargates enable the soul to move from the electromagnetic pull of the physical grid of consciousness to higher realms of thought and awareness.

Let's us go on a journey through the stargate(s) of space and time to see what portals of information open for your mind to experience.

Prepare as you would for Meditation.

Relax ... Your Mind ... Your Body

Visualize 12 cones or pyramids

spiraling around a central source of light.

As they spin, alone and in harmony with each other,

a grid or matrix is created by sound, light, and color

linked to each other and the source of light consciousness.

An opening appears somewhere in the grid.

It looks like a spiraling blue-white light.

It is a Stargate.

Slowly move towards it and enter.

Once inside you have entered the

source of light where all is created.

Relax and explore the energies.

Take your time.

At some point you will discover

geometric shapes or archetypes,

those of higher light frequency.

They contain harmonics to

help awaken your soul.

Allow them to sift through your soul

on all levels of awareness.

Once complete

they will ignite your consciousness

in one final blast of energy.

Your soul will move through the stargate

becoming one with the light

and unconditional love.

Repeat this journey until you reach that point.