Stargate, The Series Finale ... The Journey Ends

We are all asleep in our simulation chambers.

It's all a game and created with blue screen.

The final episode of the Stargate franchise, May 9, 2011, showed everyone asleep in their stasis pods on Destiny except Eli who looks out into streaming space, a smile sweeping across his face. What I see him thinking is, It's been an interesting journey. Now I control the game ... which is where he came in at the beginning. Destiny is now in his hands. CUT!

Reality is Myth, Math, and Metaphor

It all began on the Giza Plateau (1928) with the discovery of an amulet and a Stargate, in the origin film of the same name (1995) that would grow into one of the largest franchises in media history. The quest for answers - clues woven into the fabric of time and space - the epiphanies - these are what guides the journey of humanity to find out who they are and why it is here. It is "Indeed" an ET experience.

Our souls are not from here, though many have forgotten their roots on the tree of life and how the program ends. Soon we will all leave along with the departures of many shows in 2011, that have made their mark and move on. From Oprah to Mary Hart on ET, to Smallville to the final Stargate and beyond. This is indeed a year of closure. Political systems fell. Economies struggle for regulations before they fall. Monarchies are changing. The Pacific Ring of Fire is falling into the sea of the collective unconsciousness, as metaphors become reality that awaken consciousness.

I suppose I've watched every Stargate adventure since SG1 first aired in 1997, embracing the mythology as they created memories to unravel my destiny here. For many viewers Stargate SG1 was our first and most memorable. Who could be better than Richard Dean Anderson and the amazing dynamic between him and the rest of the cast. With 10 seasons and 214 episodes, Stargate SG-1 is the second longest-running North American science fiction series in television history, surpassed only by the Superman-inspired series Smallville.

It's all a simulation created by the consciousness of the man in the chair

Or in the simulation chamber

There have been many sci-fi films and series that have helped explain the nature of our reality and our time here, but none as powerful in mythological content as Stargate SG1. The very word Stargate (Star Gate, SG) was my cue to connect it with Sacred Geometry as the patterns through which consciousness experiences in physical reality.

I don't think SG1 missed any of the needed markers (reminders) for those who were ready, to get the message. There is a part of Daniel Jackson in each of - the archaeologists who went from being ridiculed to traveling through endless Stargates to reshape the destiny of humanity and our thinking.

When you come to a final understanding at a soul level, you will smile like Eli or perhaps have the last laugh at the end of Act 3. CUT!