It's all "Smoke and Mirrors"

Papal Conclave 2013

March 2013

How many cardinals do you suppose know the truth and want the world in on the secret? The truth about the hologram is steeped in secrecy ... shrouded in mystery and fear. With society on the brink of change, and information easily accessible with the latest technologies, how is the "church program" going to maintain its facade?

#NewPope: Cardinals can tweet, but not during the conclave. If they could - who would need the "smoke and mirrors" from centuries ago.

#ChurchScandals: From money an sex and more the truth is forcing its way into our reality.

How many cardinals have had a sexual experience of one kind or another ... and perhaps still engage? This week I heard stories about priests, nuns, and sex in the church that ranged from orgies to rape. Nothing should surprise me, especially as humans are born to have close encounters of the third kind.

Can a bunch of old guys, many with issues and outdated, often hypocritical values, decide the fate of billions of people? It's all in the script - don't get upset as the end of ACT III approaches.

Take 3: Castel Gandolfo near Rome: We see the Pope Emeritus seated in front of a television, his focus fixated on "the program". The camera zooms in on the title The Bible. Holding the remote control, he pauses the action, then utters, "Now it all makes sense. I know why I had to step down. May God save us all." Tears well up in his eyes. He makes the "sign of the cross". You decide what happens next.

It's about time ...

Since the pope announced his resignation - lightning struck St. Peter's Basilica - an earthquake shook Rome - a meteor fell from the sky missing Rome and landing in Russia - an Earthquake Struck Castel Gandolfo, Pope Emeritus' Home just days after he arrived.

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Plagues of Egypt -- The 8th plague was locusts

Was Moses' staff an alien device? Did he really part the Red Sea and other cool things, or is this all myth?

[Moses: Go to 7:33]

Our biogenetic experiment began in Egypt where a pyramid was placed as a marker for all time. This week in Egypt we find a swarm of 30 million locusts, who moved to Israel on Monday, March 4. By Wednesday it was reported that Israel had escaped the locust plague. The timing of the insect invasion drew parallels to the Bible's Book of Exodus which tells of 10 plagues that hit Egypt before Moses and the Jews were allowed to leave for the Promised Land. Passover is March 25, 2013 and commemorates the story of the Exodus, in which the ancient Israelites were freed from slavery in Egypt.

Corpus Clock - The Time Eating Clock

Stephen Hawking unveiled the clock in Cambridge 19.9.08.
Hawking understands that reality and time are illusions.

The locust moves its mouth, appearing to "eat up" the seconds as they pass.

"Time is a wave coming out from the center of the universe."

The grasshopper (locust) has reptilian eyes - [2:32 ...].

March 10 - November 3, 2013

Daylight Saving Time

  Daylight Saving Time Google Video

Daylight Saving Time was first mentioned by Benjamin Franklin in a letter to the editors of the Journal of Paris. Ben also designed the first US coin. On one side he placed the word Fugio beside a sundial. Fugio in Latin means I Fly, and in conjunction with the sundial it implies "Time Flies" - Tempus Fugit. With the sun above the sundial, the effect of the design is rather artistic and coveys one of Franklin's favorite aphorisms. Carpe Diem Seize the Day

Ben Franklin was a Freemason, serving as Grand Master from 1779 - 1781.

Ben, Freemasons, and Time

Roman Connections March 12-15, 2013