Ron and Ellie, Nazi Germany Biogenetic Experiments Heard

March 8, 2007

Tonight, as I lay in bed watching the last few minutes of the film Fire in the Sky, on the Sci Fi Channel, Ron called from his home in New Jersey. I saw his face just before he called, noting my consciousness in two places at once. As I was not fully consciousness in this timeline, the phone ringing startled me. (bleep)

We reviewed the latest program shift from an energy level and what we had observed this week. We also talked about Earth changes as part of the end time process, that cannot be reversed.

Ron links the closing time of the program with 3:00, which goes to the school bell ringing for dismissal in many places.

I saw a very old grandfather clock with Roman numerals, the round face of the clock made of ancient torn paper. The clock read 3:12. Ron and I heard the physical ticking of a clock. Soon it would move to 3:15 (33 on the clock, masonic designation) (3:6 - 9).

It's been a long time since I worked with anyone who can physically go into another grid program with me and hear the sights and sounds and smells.

Suddenly Ron and heard the physical sounds of a train. "What's that?" he asked.

Oh my! I knew where we were though it has been many years since I have consciously been to this part of the grid, and know I must return at the end of time.

The physical train sounds, the sounds of a ticking clock, telling me how close we are, all go to the Nazi grid program, the pulse of this part of the experiment where corrections went wrong in past loops, preventing closure.

Physically we were there. We saw the experiments and the failures.

We did not see aliens as many people conclude based on sudden unexplained technologies out of that time track. (Philadelphia Experiment)

We were back in the secret underground labs where the time travel experiments were conducted. It was more real than ever before, allowing us to know how close we are to the end time of the loop and my work here.

Ron noted that the time travel experiments went awry because of repercussions with the biogenetic experiments. This is linked to gray aliens.

We found ourselves in an alternate reality where Hitler won the war. Hitler's Aryran Race Scenario, linked with biogenetic experiments, and had an Atlantean connection. Into the Atlantean grid we went, interesting physical sounds, making adjustments and profile changes to bring the humanity experiment into alignment, where it is today.

Everything is a designation, even 2012.

We ended our journey by falling asleep to make further corrections and awaken to another program. It's all about time ... as the Master Plan moves forward ... this Sunday, when 2:00 becomes 3:00 and Daylight Saving Time begins 2 weeks early than in past years.

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