Psychic New York

In August 1995 - I read a author named Patricia Collins, who was writing a book called, Psychic New York and wanted to include me in it as one of the top New York Psychics.

The book went on to be a best seller - bring many clients to my door.

Patricia asked me to be part of her first book signing in Barnes and Nobles in Manhattan. What a book store - 5 floors of books and a restaurant!

Through the years this book would bring many clients to my door for readings and counseling.

In 2003 I would introduce my first book...

Sarah and Alexander - The Alchemy of Time

Reality is about codes that repeat in time. Codes are DNA - encoded messages that propel us on to quest for our truths and complete our mission here. Such is the story of Rose Mandelbaum, the last Guardian of the Seed, and her granddaughter, Sarah ...

A seed has been planted in the woods near an ancient wooden footbridge. We meet the last of a sacred bloodline whose genetic codes have been activated. Their journey is reflected in their mission - to move humanity to its next cycle of consciousness. Such is the quest of Sarah Manning. Sarah and Alexander is an exciting, fast paced science fiction adventure, jam-packed with intrigue and romance. This metaphoric saga, connected to the ancient mysteries of our planet, is an epoch spanning 72 years and crossing three continents. It revolves around Sarah Manning's race against time to fulfill a prophecy set in motion by her ancient ancestors, the Guardians of the Seed.