Projected Illusion

Spirit Projection or Just Light?

Monday February 4, 2008 -- A reporter from the NY Daily News called in reference to a church in my area that is being torn down to be replaced by a condominium complex. Under the church in tombs are 211 bodies from the 19th century, that have to be moved. Now comes the age old questions ... Do the ghosts of those souls still roam the area? If so, why are their projections stuck in the grid? Will they get pissed off resulting in accidents during construction? We've all heard the stories of what happens when sacred burial grounds are disturbed, especially those linked to indigenous people. I would have to see the area to answer those question, which would lead to other questions ... no time ... no interest. My friend Mike lives on that block, and has told me he often sees spirits from the cemetery roaming around. It's his thing ... likes to solve crimes as he is a retired police officer. I connected Mike with the reporter to investigate further.

In any timeline or dimension ...
It's all projected illusion in a consciousness hologram
Manifested through Grids

Things created in the New Moon Lunar Eclipse on February 7, opened a portal in the grid which closed February 20 Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse. This window, which occurs twice every year, is a great time to shift your hologram/grid for the best possible outcome.

Holograms and Metaphors

3D breakthrough with updatable holographic displays

PhysOrg - February 7, 2008
Optical scientists have broken a technological barrier by making three-dimensional
holographic displays that can be erased and rewritten in a matter of minutes.

3-D Holography Breakthrough: Erase And Rewrite In Minutes
Science Daily - February 7, 2008

3D Television Could be a Reality Within Five Years - February 10, 2008

3D Holograms Coming to Theater Near You
Discovery - February 7, 2008

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Our Consciousness Hologram is Evolving

In 'The Now' You See It ............................................................. Now You Don't

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Today I taped a metaphysical talk show, "Light Quest", at Manhattan Neighborhood Network, The show was hosted by my friend Christina, who asked me about my life, work, and how they have evolved through the years. The show aired on Saturday February 16, 2008 - 12:30 PM on Channel 57.

As all things come full circle, after we finished taping, I met the next guest, channeler Bob Johnson. Bob goes back to my early days in metaphysics, when he channeled for a group of people in Brooklyn. Bob and I discussed the way channelers presented their information in past years vs. today - and we did agree - it always goes to healing your issues and the collapse of our current grid experience evolving into something more. In the alchemy of time, all is recycled.

Circular Projections Constantly Change, Moving Into The Blue

@ The End of Projected Illusion

We forever quest for the answers to our origins and how our reality will evolve when it is over. Everyone has a theory as they sense change just ahead, learn more about consciousness, most programmed to sense some sort of continuity when it is over. It is the way human DNA is programmed. It is all sequenced and timed, closure coming out of the blue.

Long ago, Z told me that when the program ends, as it is all projected illusion, your consciousness will see the light/source of origin or thought that perpetuates the synchronistic movements of what we experience.

Within that light you will project the image of whomever you expect to see, a soul that embraces you. You will instantly move toward that soul, detaching from the physical grid, in one last overwhelming display in which all of your emotional codes will be experienced, reviewed, processed and released - experiment over. It is then you will understand who you are and why your soul came here.