The Personal Shopper

There are many people who have no time to shop, hate crowded stores, and cannot get out. Enter...the personal shopper.

Before hiring the personal shopper, which is often for the rich and/or famous, remember that most personal shoppers get a fee added to the price of the items, unless they work in a large store, such as a department store.

Hey...didn't we call them salespeople in the old days? I never liked pushy salespeople. I am 'guided' to a store, walk in, know immediately if the item I seek is there, and buy it. If the energies feel right, it is where I belong. Maybe Z is my personal shopper! I furnished my entire apartment in one month after I moved here. Z told me where to shop, some crazy places, in neighborhoods I never go to, then voila I found what I needed as if by magic. I couldn't leave home without my personal shopper!

Gifts in the City often include services, such as, an afternoon at a spa.

Before doing any shopping, it is often best to check the Internet where one can resolve many shopping issues, at cheaper prices. Search, find what you want, click and send.

The personal shopper often works in a large store, where they help clients select what is best for their needs in that store, thus saving time. Some stores have private rooms for 'select shoppers'.

Time is an important commodity when you don't have enough to do everything that is required of you.

A good personal shopper will know about unique gifts or products that have just come on the market. Technology is often the key in selecting a great gift!

Personal shoppers should be able to use their 'psychic/intuitive abilities' to put together the final package. They will sense what items go well together, look for bargains, know how to use the Internet, intuit what is best for their client, what best expresses the message their client wishes to convey with the gift or for themselves.

The personal shopper may, or may not, love shopping, but they always have a great knack for it. Successful shopping is a skill like all else. You've got to develop it through your own experience and intuition.

As for me...I like to do all of my own shopping for myself and for gifts. I like to try on, or sample, something I am buying for myself. I generally prefer to give gift certificates. New York has to many stores which make it easy to find what you want, or there's always the Internet!

Would you like to be a personal shopper?

Would you like to have a personal shopper, or just some ones who gets the busy work in your life done for you, so you have work with less distractions?