1 in 5 Have Personality Disorders

For years I have been blogging that we live in a bipolar reality and that most people have personalities disorders based on their genetic codes or created by the environment in which they experience. The brain is a preprogrammed biochemical machine - DNA also determines behavior.

There is little free will. If you think you control your destiny, you are wrong. Your DNA programming allows you to make changes and choices, thinking it is free will. The rest is just fluff and busy work.

It is the nature of a bipolar program to create characters with disorders as the goal of the program is always to seek balance. And so in the 21st century we have come to understand why we are so screwed up and hope that a cure can be found as something inside tells us that it's now or never.

And so many of the characters have moved from self-medication (substance abuse) to prescription medication. Okay ... its 2009 and we know the patterns. It's the reasons many people do not have children, or bother to marry when family patterns didn't work in past generations. People who can barely care for themselves, should not take on the burden and expense of raising a child.

Personality disorders are all about anger, pain, frustration, the inability to make decisions or function, etc. Can you tell these people to live in love and light and all will clear for them? Not when they have a chemical imbalance in the brain that is untreated.

It is all going to hit the fan in the next few years. You can't live in Lala land with what lies ahead. Meditation, like prayer, doesn't work. Meditation, like yoga, balance brain chemistry and silences some of the chatter.

In the end, it's all about grid shifting and your soul doing what it can to survive.

How much time, energy, effort and money have you put into helping yourself in 2008? Did it work? Do you know who you are and if you can function to take care of yourself, yet alone others? Are you burned out in a bad economy?

Here's the latest news article. I think the statistics are a lot higher...

1 in 5 young adults has a personality disorder    Live Science - December 1, 2008