Reality is about creating from chaos... Creating order from disorder.

I am happy to report that many people have taken my advice, or the advice of those affected by their behavior patterns, and sought to find out the truth about their personality disorders and what they can do to heal themselves, Readiness to move out of chaos.

Though many people are afraid of getting addicted to medication. That is understandable. Often holistic methods provide a safe avenue and begin a soul on its journey to find its mission, purpose for me here.

It is most important that people are properly diagnosed, attempt to find a cure, or a way to control for the many mental illnesses that we now recognize.

We no longer live in the dark ages, but have come into enlightenment on many levels.

I know that the theory goes that some souls come here to experience this torment and pain. No one will ever convince me of that, as the 'road home' involves creating balance, while the program of our reality through challenges at us at every turn.

Most mental illness is genetic and can easily be traced in families. When one looks at the treatments of the past, one should try to find a cure that allows them to function based on new methodology. The answers are out there, the cure begins with recognition and diagnosis.

How many families can say they have never had a family member who did not have some sort of mental illness....

This week I read a woman in her late 40's who told how she is discovering her own compulsive patterns. This, and other disorders, run in her family. She has been under a psychiatrist's care.

Her issues have to do with rejection, combined with OCD - obsessive compulsive disorder. Though she comes from a place of love, she constantly sets herself to hurt others ----->rejection---->then seeks reassured from them that they will not leave her ----> sabotage again, setting up a situation where they will get so angry at her, they will reject her again, and so it goes.

She is beautiful, well built, smart, married to a good man, has three grown children, and a successful job. They understand her condition and work around it, but it is not easy.

Two years ago she began a journal of her daily activities to determine the patterns, cycles, of her mood swings and how they relate her internal and external environmental influences.

She is in peri-menopause, with irregular menstrual cycles. As her problems began at puberty, disappeared completed when she was pregnant, and have become worse at this time of her life, she knows they are hormonal related to some degree. Puberty seems to heighten mental illness, especially OCD. She hopes that when she completes her menstrual cycles her symptoms will be less severe.

The journal has helped her understand what she does to sabotage the love relationships in her life.

Perhaps you might want to create a journey to determine your patterns. Once you see them on paper, or on the computer, it might help you set a new course in the 'battle of issues' humanity is now moving from the darkness into the light.

Most souls have a desire to write a book, usually the story of their journey here. It helps them focus, heal issues, so they can release their pain, fears, and perhaps help others who read their words. It is the akashic record of their experience in third dimension.

A journal of your behavior patterns may not be the same, but may help you focus and create order from disorder.