Employing an Obese Person

Fat Workers Cost Employers More PhysOrg - April 24, 2007

Recent conversations with those who own a company, reflect hiring a normal size or slim person vs. someone who is fat to obese. Aesthetically people would rather work with someone who looks well and appears healthy. Emotionally, the overweight statement says, "I have depression or other issues and am not in control of my personal life," whether that person does their job well or not. Health is a main factor to consider as over weight goes to a whole host of physical problems, disability time that affects insurance, sluggishness for some, general dissatisfaction, and other issues our common sense tells us to avoid in an employee. Obesity is a statement on many levels affecting job and health.

Here in the city, some companies have gyms or other places one can go to work out or be counseled on fitness. Part of increased self awareness is getting the body to function, not remain limited in any way.

I have met people who do not see obesity as a major challenge. They are wrong. It all begins with childhood ...

As with all things, one loses weight when they are ready, or when they get sick, just as all substance abuse issues show themselves sooner or later. Crash time ... "I can't carry this weight (burden) around anymore."

I've met many obese psychics who tell me they are fat as a protection from dark forces. Who ever thought up that idea? The weight is an insulation for other issues sometimes going to sex or sexual abuse. There is often a thin line between psychic and psychotic.

Fallacy: Menopause creates excessive weight gain.

If you are losing weight, you will attract a partner if you want one, and on some level it is the reason the weight is coming off. Situation room: Have you starved the pounds off or have you resolved the issues that caused the weight gain? If left unresolved you will attract someone with issues and you're off to the issues grid again with a new player and will gain the weight back.

I have read many overweight people who have stopped looking for a job, as they know the average size person will be chosen over them. Some work from home. Others address their issues, slim down, enhance their skills, then seek employment.

Self medicating with food is no different than any other addictive pattern. You are a junkie ... sugar, obsessive overeating due to unhappiness, genetic code, other.

In this first week of Taurus, when change occurs, if you are overweight and have problems in one or more areas of your life, get help. I know you've tried 101 diets, but maybe 2007 is the year your will reprogram your brain for change and stay with it. You have to shift your grid.

At the end of the day, sex sells, always has. We want to be turned on and look for ways to do it.

I know that some people give no weight to this issues, but it can be serious.

Where do you fit into the grid?